In Case You Missed It: Disney News and Rumors – Week of March 10, 2017

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All the Pandora hype. Did you feel it this week? I certainly felt it as Disney pushes to the grand opening weekend of Pandora – The World of Avatar on May 27. What was your favorite thing you learned this week? (Oh and if you missed anything, make sure to look below, I’ll have links!)

This week, we saw the music video for “Beauty and the Beast”, learned what to expect with the backstory of Volcano Bay, and more! Come with me on the journey!

In Case You Missed It – Disney and Universal Orlando News and Rumors

Want to know what news came out of this week’s shareholder meeting? It’s all pretty well condensed right here for you!

This week, “The View” was at Walt Disney World. Here are the episodes you may have missed. What was your favorite moment? (P.S. I love John Stamos…that is all!)  Oh and if you missed the incredible tour of Pandora with James Cameron, make sure to watch it here! (That experience on the Na’vi River Journey…WOW!)

Good Morning America had a great look at Pandora, along with a glimpse of what to expect with Avatar Flight of Passage.

Did you catch “The Chew” trying one of the Pandora dishes called Lumpia? I cannot wait to sample this one!

In what was the best look of Pandora, Nightline took an in-depth glimpse.

One year ago this week, Angry Splash Mountain Lady was born. See why this story is different than you think it is.

If you’re visiting Disneyland, you can no longer save space for Guests along the parade route.

A craft so yummy, you’ll want to eat it! (And I do…I’m starving. If only it weren’t made of felt.) This is a great activity for you and the kiddos to create!

What do you think of the updated and new version of “Beauty and the Beast”? This week we got to see the music video for the enchanting song. (One more week! Can’t come soon enough!)

Ready for Thor: Ragnarok? Take a peek at what you can expect with the next movie. Oh and see how Thor has changed.

We caught a first glimpse of the new Mary Poppins film, Mary Poppins Returns. What do you think? Does Emily Blunt make for a proper Mary Poppins?

We also got to see a preview of Duck Tales! This looks pretty awesome, not gonna lie.

Loews Sapphire Falls is holding a Caribbean Carnival where you’ll enjoy authentic Caribbean cuisine and participate in song and dance native to the Caribbean Islands. The event takes place on Wednesdays through July 5.

Want to know the story behind Volcano Bay? We have it here!

In Case We Missed It

What did we miss? Attach your ideas to a Beauty and the Beast Pillow Set and send it to with the words “In Case You Missed It” in the subject line.



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4 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It: Disney News and Rumors – Week of March 10, 2017

  • March 10, 2017 at 9:36 am

    The Nightline clip was great but I had to stop it when Joe Rohde’s ear made its inevitable appearance. That is some Clive Barker stuff and my heart can’t take it.

  • March 10, 2017 at 12:25 pm

    I used to eat lumping for lunch when I was in the Philippines. They were about the size of my little finger and very delicious. Never had any filled with care cheese, though- they sound yummy!

  • March 10, 2017 at 12:26 pm

    Make that “cream,” not “care!”

  • March 10, 2017 at 5:04 pm

    Not gonna lie, I’m perfectly happy that DLR is putting their foot down on staking out the parade route. Maybe because I’ve pretty much always gone by myself, which means I don’t get the option of staking out a spot unless I literally wanted to sit there for five hours. I can only imagine it will help with congestion in the evenings as well. It’s probably too selfish of me to hope they one day crack down on people putting strollers at the front of ground seating sections too, though…


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