If your trip is within the next six months, make dining reservations as soon as you’re done reading this

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While walking around the parks and resorts this weekend, we noticed that most, if not many, sit-down restaurants had signs posted out front saying something like “In order to serve guests with existing dining reservations, we are unable to accept walk-up dining requests this evening.” In other words, unless you have reservations, don’t even think about asking for a meal here.

Most of the World Showcase countries displayed some version of this sign, as did the sit-down restaurants at the Yacht Club, Beach Club, and Animal Kingdom Lodge. We’re sure there were more restaurants with similar signs elsewhere.

We know it’s crazy to ask to know, six months in advance, the exact time and place you’ll be hungry while on vacation. These, however, seem to be the new rules of the dining game. The number to call for dining reservation is (407) WDW-DINE. Good luck.

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