In Case You Missed It: News and Rumors – Week of April 17, 2020

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We’re another week down with all this coronavirus quarantine…..that means we’re one week closer to things maybe returning to a somewhat “normal” state. (Don’t worry….I know full well that things won’t be absolutely normal for a while, but I’m also optimistic that our new “normal” will be a temporary “normal.”) So, that leads me to this question…when we can return to the Disney Parks….I want to know…what will your first snack be? I have my thoughts, but I want to know yours!

This week, we learn which Disney movies have been pushed back due to coronavirus, get a bit of Epcot in our homes thanks to a certain Cast Member, and more.

In Case You Missed It – Disney and Universal Orlando News and Rumors

The news this past week was the Bob Iger was back….kind of…while he’s become more hands-on as Disney works to navigates the crisis, Bob Chapek is still very much CEO of Disney. Iger  is simply “actively helping” the company as they make their way through this time.

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Walt Disney Company has entered into a new credit agreement for up to $5 billion.

Guests who currently miss Epcot can catch Facebook Live performances by someone you may know well….you’ll find Carol Stein performing in the UK Pavilion usually…though now she’s performing at home.

This month is Earth Month, and Joe Rhode has been sharing stories of Disney’s Animal Kingdom on his Instagram, which have been complied by the Orlando Sentinel. Kind of cool to hear it from the Imagineer himself!

It’s not like it was a surprise….Pixar’s Soul has been pushed back to November. Also Raya and the Last Dragon has been moved to March 12, 2021.

Want to learn more about The Mandalorian? You can with this upcoming Disney+ documentary!

It appears that Sam Rami is going to be behind the helm for the upcoming Dr. Strange film.

Again, I’m gonna ask WHY?! Apparently we may get a live action version of Robin Hood for Disney+.

Did you miss the Disney Family Sing-Along? Catch it here!

Trolls World Tour hit people’s couches thanks to coronavirus and it’s been the biggest digital debut ever. Did you see the film yet?

In Case We Missed It

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