In Case You Missed It: News and Rumors – Week of January 3, 2020

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We’re in a brand new year and I’m looking forward to finding out what crazy news stories I can find this year that you might have missed! Hope you’re ready to go along for the ride too!

This week, we take a look at some of the latest films Disney has released and how much they’ve made at the box office, a look at a new Walt Disney World ad campaign, and more.

In Case You Missed It – Disney and Universal Orlando News and Rumors

A woman apparently jumped from one of the ferry boats on Monday.

I can’t reiterate this enough. Be respectful to the characters.

The newest Walt Disney World ads don’t even show the parks at all and are just as effective as if they had. What do you think?

The Orlando Sentinel talked to Len about the hubbub surrounding Rise of the Resistance.

Forbes looks at the environmental and economic impact of the Les Villages Nature eco resort at Disneyland Paris.

Who else wasn’t surprised? The Mandalorian is coming back for season 2.

Frozen 2, in just its sixth week, just surpassed $400 million at the domestic box office. That’s more than the original made domestically overall.

Speaking of making a lot of money. Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker has earned over $550 million globally.

In Case We Missed It

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