International Parks Wrap-Up – April 2018

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Welcome back for another International Parks Wrap-Up! We’re going to change things up this month and start with Tokyo Disney Resort.

Tokyo Disney Resort

First and foremost, I want to draw your attention to the fact that TouringPlans now has a new site specifically for Tokyo Disney Resort planning! I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited about this development. (I’m going on my first international Disney trip this June, and I’m thrilled that I have these new resources to use to help me plan!) Make sure you check them out – Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea definitely require some advance knowledge in order to effectively tour them.

TDR Opening Ceremony
Tokyo Disneyland’s 35th Anniversary Opening Ceremony. (Photo courtesy of Disney.)

Now, on to the park updates! The 35th Anniversary Celebration has finally kicked off at Tokyo Disney Resort. We’ve covered it in detail in the past, but now that it has actually started, let’s give it one more shout out. (I’m only going to cover the entertainment that is currently happening for the anniversary. I will not list the things starting in July.)

TDR Harbor Show
Happiest Celebration on the Sea. (Photo courtesy of Disney.)
  • Dreaming Up – Tokyo Disneyland’s new daytime parade
  • it’s a small world – Re-opened after a lengthy refurbishment and enhanced with almost 40 new figures based on Disney characters
  • Limited time Chocolate Crunch shops at Pastry Palace and Ice Cream Cones
  • Happiest Celebration on the Sea – Harbor greeting in Tokyo DisneySea that includes characters sporting their 35th Anniversary costumes
  • World Bazaar’s Main Street at Tokyo Disneyland is now Celebration Street, which is decked out in celebratory decorations and a special photo location
  • Approximately 250 different pieces of 35th Anniversary merchandise
  • A variety of special food items offered throughout both parks
TDR Celebration Street
Celebration Street at Tokyo Disneyland. (Photo courtesy of Disney.)
TDR Dreaming Up
Baymax and Hiro float from Dreaming Up. (Photo courtesy of Disney.)

Hong Kong Disneyland

Oddly enough, the month of April brings us no fresh news for Hong Kong Disneyland. Check out our March article to find the newest info in regards to Hong Kong Disneyland. The only thing of note is that Karibuni Marketplace, which was “coming soon” in March’s article, is now officially open. It is located in Adventureland, next to the Theater in the Wild. It is themed to Africa, and it features unique snacks, interactive games, and exclusive souvenirs, not to mention a wide variety of meet and greets!

HKDL Karibuni Marketplace
Karibuni Marketplace in Adventureland. (Photo courtesy of Disney.)

Shanghai Disneyland

Like Hong Kong Disneyland, Shanghai Disneyland hasn’t given us anything new to report this month. However, (drumroll please) Toy Story Land is opening in ONE DAY! The land will feature three new attractions: Slinky Dog Spin, Rex’s Racer, and Woody’s Round-Up. In addition, you’ll find the Meeting Post, which is a new Toy Story meet and greet. You can also find Toy Box Café, a quick service restaurant that features specially themed food. Last but not least, there is Al’s Toy Barn, a Toy Story-themed shop. I’m sure I’ll have more to talk about next month, after the land opens!

SDL Round Up
Woody’s Round-Up in Toy Story Land. (Photo courtesy of Disney.)

Disneyland Paris

Mentioned in last month’s article, Disneyland Paris’ Festival of Princesses and Pirates has officially kicked off! This is part of the resort’s 25th Anniversary Celebration, and it includes a new create-your-own-adventure show. The show actually starts in two separate locations in the park, with the princesses coming out of Fantasyland and the pirates sailing down Main Street, U.S.A. The two worlds collide in Central Plaza, and guests will have the chance to decide which side they wish to align with!

DLP Pirates and Princesses
Festival of Pirates and Princesses at Disneyland Paris. (Photo courtesy of Disney.)

In other news, the Third Annual Disneyland Paris Magic Run Weekend has been announced! The run is scheduled for September 20-23. This year’s theme is villainous, featuring Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney characters. The Disneyland Paris 5K pits runners against the Avenger’s enemy Thanos. Then, the Disneyland Paris 10K will showcase Disney villain sidekicks. Finally, runners will see the major villains throughout the Disneyland Paris-Val d’Europe Half Marathon. There are also a variety of mix and match run challenges that you can partake in throughout the weekend. Check out the Magic Run Weekend site to find out more!

Disneyland Paris Magic Run Weekend. (Photo courtesy of Disney.)

Are you planning on visiting any of the international parks to catch any of the special events taking place? Have you been in the past? Please comment and share your thoughts and experiences on the Disney Parks throughout the world!

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