Items We Fell in Love With at Disney This Week, July 30, 2021

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When the team is in the parks and at resorts, we love to duck into shops to see what the latest merchandise is — or just things that catch our interest. Here’s the items we spotted this week.

La Cava Merchandise

Over at the Festival Market, a line of La Cava merchandise has been released. We’re going to say it is all Len Testa approved, but my personal favorite is the tequila tasting flight wooden paddle. (Although, sadly, the tequila is not included.)

Casey’s Corner Clothes

Many readers were delighted about the reopening of Casey’s Corner at Magic Kingdom and its famous hot dogs. But how many would really like to show their love for this location? Available now on Main Street, you can get a button-down baseball-style shirt or a similar dress to show your Casey’s love. (I personally think it is a bit much, but everyone know’s I’m a monster since I don’t put ketchup on French fries. . . )



Those Ears Look Familiar.  .  .

And our final entry this week are some very familiar looking mouse ears.

These have a delightful fall vibe to them, but the message sent my way with the picture from the in-parks team was These are just repurposed NBA experience ears. Don’t @ me.

I did some looking and they’re not quite the same. (You can see the NBA version here.) But the material covering the ears is pretty close to the NBA version, just without the dark wash on it to make the basketball style coloring. What do you think? Coincidence or overstock from the NBA Experience?

Do any of these items strike your fancy? Let us know in the comments.

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