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The deadline for submissions has now passed — thank you to all those who applied


Do you love Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Universal Orlando, or Disney Cruise Line? Want to write about it? Want to get PAID to write about it? We’d like to hear from you.

Please read this entire post before you submit your sample.

In addition to having a passion for the destinations we cover, we’re looking for folks who:

  • Can write clearly with few to no grammatical or spelling mistakes.
  • Are able to commit to at least one 500+ word article per week for the next 6 months.
  • Have a love for fact-based articles about theme parks, but are also capable of making those articles fun and interesting.
  • Are able to write candidly and objectively about Disney or Universal without veering off into hyperbole.
  • Are creative in topic ideas. We do a lot of guides and reviews so an ability to write common things in a unique way will help get your work noticed.
  • Are willing to not just write, but answer questions from readers in the comments section of an article after it’s published.
  • Are interested in or have experience with Google Analytics – we measure the viewer metrics for all our authors and encourage authors to focus on articles that appeal to our readers.
  • Maintain a professional, friendly presence on social media (both your own and for TouringPlans).
  • Understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and know why it’s important.
  • Know how to produce articles in WordPress or are willing to learn.
  • Are comfortable with photography. You don’t need to have a huge, expensive camera, but you should be able to compose and edit a photo that doesn’t look amateurish. Camera phones are fine.

We offer:

  • Payment per article at a flat rate based on the effort involved in producing it. It’s not a huge amount (up to $25 per article), but if you write regularly you can make enough money to defray some of your travel costs.
  • Reimbursement for anything we ask you to review – a tour, meal, show, etc. We do not reimburse for travel expenses, hotels, or park admission unless we send you somewhere.
  • A huge audience for your work – we are one of the biggest Disney/theme park focused sites out there.
  • Fun. You’ll be writing about theme parks – what’s better than that?


Q. I blog for another site or my own site, can I keep doing that?
A. Of course. If we send you to review something, we expect the article to run on our site first. You are free to promote your own theme park-related site in your bio and within reason in your articles.

Q. Do I have to live in Central Florida or Southern California?
A. No, but we expect that you will travel often enough to the theme parks to be able to provide current information and photos.

Q. Do you have any other job openings right now?
A. No, we don’t.

Next steps:

Before midnight on Wednesday, June 10, send an email to blog@touringplans.com with the subject “I WANT TO BLOG.” The email must include the following:

  1. An explanation of what you feel are your qualifications (previous writing jobs/hobbies, frequency of theme park visits, etc.). Include anything you think gives you a unique perspective.
  2. An attached writing sample that is at least 800 words and contains photos.
  3. Your social media links – Twitter handle, Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr pages – we want to make sure you’re not crazy…well, no more than us anyway. If you have Flickr or a YouTube channel (or similar) that showcases your photography or video skills, include that too. We’d love to see it.
  4. Pitches for 3 blog articles (in addition to the sample). These should have a title, 1 to 3 sentences of summary, and a very short description of who the target audience for each article would be and how the article would help them plan a trip.

You may send the writing sample as a Word or Pages doc, a link to a Google doc, or a PDF. Don’t send it as inline text in your email. You may also send us a link to a specific article on your blog that showcases your best work. Do not send a link to the home page of your blog and say “hey, just read my blog to check out my writing style.”

We are giving you 10 days to send in a writing sample and no advantage will be given to those that submit early. We therefore expect the sample to be relatively mistake free and be creative, interesting, and representative of you and your style. You may have someone else proofread your sample, but we suggest that they only edit lightly. We want to see you and your vision in your work, not your editor’s.

If you have any questions, email blog@touringplans.com. If you know someone who would be a great writer for this site, please send them a link. Due the high responses we get from these requests, it may take several weeks to read all submissions, please be patient with us.


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