MaxPass Support Added to Disneyland Touring Plans

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In Summer 2017, Disneyland Resort in California made its FASTPASS virtual queuing system accessible on mobile phones via a new paid service called MaxPass. The service is fairly straightforward: for the most part, you can obtain FASTPASS return times just like in the past without a need to visit a FASTPASS kiosk located near the attraction. That saves on walking and can speed up your touring.

Now when you look at a Disneyland Personalized Touring Plan, you have the option to specify that you’ll be using MaxPass.

When that option is enabled, our software assumes you can obtain a FASTPASS with no walking or wait time. Then after you click Optimize or Evaluate, getting a FASTPASS is shown as follows:


If you are using our Lines mobile app while touring, you will be able to mark a FASTPASS step as “Done”, record the start time of a FASTPASS that you obtained, and re-calculate your plan based on that return time.

Our MaxPass support provides more realistic daily plan for those who make use of MaxPass. However, there are some limitations:

  1. Although these are valid MaxPass maneuvers after you’ve scanned your ticket to enter the park, our software does not support obtaining FASTPASS via MaxPass before the park opens or while you are waiting in line for an attraction. Today, we simply don’t have a way to inject a “Get FASTPASS” step in the middle of another step or outside of park hours. However, we’re thinking about how this might be included in a future enhancement.
  2. If you arrange your own attraction order with MaxPass steps and click Evaluate, we may not handle unusual situations well. For example, if you have two “Get FASTPASS” steps one-after-the-other (you’d have to wait at least 30 minutes between those two steps, so it’s not generally a good use of time), the software may not handle that situation properly.

If you encounter anything strange with our new MaxPass support, please contact us and provide your plan’s web address (for example,, along with a description of the issue. This will help us make improvements for the future.

Happy planning!

MaxPass Logo from Official Disneyland App


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3 thoughts on “MaxPass Support Added to Disneyland Touring Plans

  • January 23, 2018 at 11:23 pm

    I tried this today, but it was of limited use because I couldn’t figure out while walking around the park how to enter a Maxpass fastpass that I had already acquired into my plan.

    • January 24, 2018 at 6:36 am

      Oh, no! You would need to add a “Get FASTPASS” step (in the app, that would be something like “Big Thunder FP”) using the “+Step” button in the upper-right while looking at your plan. Then tap “Done” by that step. When you do that, you’re prompted for a return time. After entering that, your return time will be taken into account the next time you tap Optimize or Evaluate.

  • February 2, 2018 at 2:59 pm

    My enthusiastic thanks to David and the Touring Plans team! This new feature is extremely helpful! And I’m very reassured that I can just optimize if it turns out my FastPass return time isn’t as anticipated, which has thrown many a monkey wrench into my park days in the past. When you do the next update, might you consider a notification when I’m eligible to register for my next FastPass, please? I’m not worried about remembering to get a new FastPass when my eligibility is triggered by using my prior FastPass. But, when I’m eligible for a new FastPass simply because 90 minutes have passed since I got my prior one, I’m not confident that I’ll remember to register for a new FastPass. Disneyland is a wonderfully distracting place, and it detracts form the fun to be looking at my watch all the time. It’d be great if the app would let me know when it’s been 90 minutes since I (told the app that I) got my last FastPass. Just a silent pop-up notification (so it wouldn’t be an annoyance to the people around me during attractions) would be a big help.


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