May’s Featured Cupcakes at Walt Disney World

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It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it — looking all over Walt Disney World for the latest and greatest in cupcakes. Here’s our picks for the month of May.


Moana Cupcake from Capt. Cook’s, Polynesian Resort  ($5.99)


The decoration on this basic vanilla and toasted coconut cupcake elevates it to a must-have for every fan of the village chief from Te Fiti. The chocolate image of Moana is really cool, but the jellied / flan-like heart of Te Fiti (odd texture warning!) and edible flowers make it a true prize. For sure this is worth the extra few stops on the monorail ride back to the TTC!


Rose Gold Cupcake from Capt. Cook’s, Polynesian Resort ($5.49)



This cupcake is vanilla with guava. I have found that people have very strong and often angry opinions on two foods — cilantro and guava. I am one of those people who isn’t a fan of guava, which means I only took the smallest taste I could manage while still ensuring I could speak intelligently on the flavor. It’s guava. If that’s your jam, this cupcake is for you! (If not, the colors will match your new Loungefly backpack in rose gold and will make a stellar Instagram post.)


Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat Cupcake from ABC Commissary, Disney’s Hollywood Studios ($5.49)



The very best news about this treat is that the cupcake to icing ratio is enough to satisfy any sugar junkie! And it’s that good, birthday cake, gritty, teeth-shaking kind!! The gel covering on the outside seems like the same substance as the Heart of Te Fiti on the Moana cupcake we tried the same day, except it had edible glitter! The ears were also actual chocolate and didn’t leave that same tongue coating that candy melts seem to leave. They were wonderful! The bad news about this treat is that it sells out — often multiple times a day — until it is restocked. We were able to score one of the last in the case because we went on May 4th and everyone was (rightly) far more concerned with Star Wars events and merchandise. The moral of this sweet story is that this confection is absolutely worth the effort, so if you can find it in stock, make sure to grab it.


Have you tried any of our featured cupcakes of the month? Which one is your pick for best splurge? Let us know in the comments.

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