Minor Rehabs of Unknown Length

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Since May is a lower crowd level month than April and June, it is often used as a period of small refurbishment projects within the parks prior to the big summer season.

Currently there are several small projects with refurbishment walls within the parks with no solid completion date, rather they ‘should’ be done by “summer.” Here is a short list of current projects:

Keystone Clothiers at MGM is closed, but the small Christmas Shop near Muppetvision is open as an alternative.

The Mainstreet Athletic Club is closed. Merchandise from this store is available elsewhere on Mainstreet USA.

The Epcot DVC kiosk is closed.

Also, within Epcot’s World Showcase the two Asian pavilions, China and Japan, have had tarps up over certain buildings for several months. Completion dates for these projects are unknown.

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