Monthly Merchandise Review — June 2018

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Greetings, Disney Shoppers. It’s time again for your monthly view of merchandise that may someday make it to the Outlet report. This month we’re back at Mouse Gear for a whole slew of new (or new to me) merchandise. As a reminder, many of these items can be purchased from the comfort of your couch in the Shop Parks app.

More All-American Mickey Merch is hitting the stores leading up to the July 4th holiday. In case you are ordering from the couch and find that you need one more throw pillow, here’s ol’ Mick with the red, white, and blue motif.

Need to extend that theme to the kitchen? How about Mickey as an American Legend dish towel.

I fully expect that before the end of this year, Derek will be doing an all-Toy-Story-themed version of the Outlet report, because the folks in merchandising are cranking out a lot of items leading up to the opening of Toy Story Land. Keep in mind, these items are currently (i.e., before Toy Story Land is open) being sold in Epcot (i.e., a park where Toy Story Land is not). And since we’re talking about mixing it up, how about the Aliens watching fireworks at the castle? At least there’s a Toy Story-themed attraction in that park.


I must admit, given some of the challenges with the monorail system, do you really want to show characters hanging outside of the monorail like this t-shirt?

I’m guessing “Squad” is millennial-speak for friends that you know in places other than Facebook? This shirt will certainly let them know who the the major influencer in your circle of friends, right?

Or, perhaps your Squad Goals are to have a canvas bag. I won’t judge.

My husband and I have aversions to drinking vessels where you’re drinking out of some character’s head. Needless to say, this Mr. Potato Head mug where you remove the hat and drink out of his head wouldn’t be on our list to use, but it would be cute decor.

These Toy Story water bottles are pretty pricey ($20 each), and they feel somewhat flimsy. It’s a cute design, though.

Toy Story isn’t the only franchise that’s getting an onslaught of merchandise–there’s an incredible (hah!) amount of merchandise for Incredibles 2. This shirt goes to show that Disney does understand that families do come with five people. (Good luck trying to get a value room for those five, though.)

Every time I see couples shirts, I think of the new Mickey Mouse cartoon with couples sweaters. If it’s your thing, these are actually both cute and not creepy.

I’m wondering if Edna Mode will have a much larger role in Incredibles 2–she’s appearing in Tomorrowland, and now they’ve made a plush of her.

Who doesn’t love temper-tantrum-throwing babies at Walt Disney World? Oh. Well, at least Jack-Jack as a plush will be nice and quiet, right?

Several months ago, I remember seeing someone asking somewhere about whether or not Bing Bong plush toys were available for sale, and at that time, the answer was no. If you’re reading this and your child is still a Bing Bong fan, Disney has started selling them again.

The spirit jersey trend continues–now in red, white, and blue.

I’m kinda digging this shirt about the lands that I love.

These magnets are adorable, but they don’t feel like they’d be robust enough to hold all the papers that I would need to use them for on the fridge. Anyone have them? How do they hold up?

My family has been considering getting a rescue dog–something in the cute but small mutt size (I’m thinking chiweenie, daughter is thinking puggle, and husband is thinking he’s going to be stuck walking the mutt. We’ll have to see what the shelter has in our future!) If we get a dog who digs chew toys, I may skip the bow one, but the Mickey waffle is a must-have.

My current antenna topper is a very faded Nemo one, so whenever we look for my car in a Disney parking lot, the first person to spot it can say they found Nemo. At some point, I probably need to replace the antenna topper–these two are cute. Which one should I buy?

I haven’t seen Solo yet, so no spoilers–but if you have and want to show your Solo support, there’s a couple magnetic bumper stickers for you. (And if you don’t, there’s always Mickey.)

In the cute clutter department, this fella lights up and can bring you a bit of Polynesia to wherever you put him. (Did I mention that we’re still looking at merchandise at Epcot?)

If you’ve got a baby to buy for, may I suggest this adorable Flounder onesie?

There’s a new line of toys out where the arms are those 80s-style slap bracelets, so you can use them to wrap around a stroller, an arm, or whatever. This Marie one is pretty adorable, isn’t it?

In case your child needs something for Independence Day, there’s options like child-size spirit jerseys or something a bit more weather-friendly for Florida.

They also have dresses and mini-tops for the girls.

My daughter isn’t really into Star Wars toys, and so I have no idea what Force Link 2.0 is. I’m guessing it’s better than Force Link 1.0, which I have also never heard of? Anyhow, there’s a lot of toys coming out with it. Looking for something more educational? Check out the STEM activity–on the package, Yoda himself gives it glowing praise: Learn about light and optics, you will.

Father’s Day is coming up. How many dads want this Star Wars-themed “Hawaiian” shirt?

And for the third time, I’m reminding you that we’re still shopping at Epcot–but they’re selling a Trials of the Temple bathrobe. In Epcot.

You know those challenging metal kits that you can try to assemble? Need something with less flexibility? They now come in wood.

Saw these glasses–I’d like to buy an A?

Last month, there was a request for some pins, so I stopped by Pin Central in Epcot to grab a few pictures. Limited Edition pins include a lot of Star Wars, and some in the Donut Shop series. (My apologies–I didn’t know that Donut Shop pins were a thing.)



There’s still a few “Fine and Dandy” not at all sanctioning Dapper Day pins available.

If you’re looking for any Pixar character, odds are good you’ll find a pin for them.

I’ve seen a lot of Disney Afternoon-themed merchandise lately. Will we be getting other shows a la Ducktales reboot coming (like TaleSpin), or is this just to cash in on nostalgia?

Need Animal Kingdom attraction pins? Pin Central has you covered.

There’s also still plenty of Epcot 35 merchandise to be had.

And one bonus item this week from Magic Kingdom–this WALL*E necklace is adorable, but it’s HEAVY. Wear it with caution!

That’s it for this month. Got some merchandise you’d like photos of? Got a place you’d like me to scope out? Let me know in the comments. Happy Shopping!

P.S. For those who have asked about Best Week Ever, we’ve got something in the works to help bring that vibe back to the blog. Stay tuned!



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6 thoughts on “Monthly Merchandise Review — June 2018

  • June 12, 2018 at 4:03 pm

    Have you seen any plush muppet babies characters at the parks? We’ll be there next month and I’ve checked the shop Disney parks app and my local Disney store with no luck. My youngest is obsessed with the new muppet baby show, particulary Fozzie.

    • June 12, 2018 at 4:35 pm

      Unfortunately, no, I haven’t seen any yet. The best place to look for Muppet items would be the store next to Muppetvision 3D. They might have some Fozzie stuff, but not necessarily the Muppet Babies version. Disney tends to be really slow on putting out merchandise for their shows–just this last week I saw the first merchandise from the new DuckTales series, and that’s been out for months now. I’ll keep my eyes open to see if I spot it in upcoming months, though!

      • June 13, 2018 at 11:03 am

        I didn’t think so but thought I’d ask the experts! We will definitely look at the store by Muppetvision and hope they release some new merch in the next few weeks.

  • June 13, 2018 at 7:16 am

    The mickey sun was is cute – then while dragging through the parking lot after a long day the first one to spot the car can say “I see the surface of the sun!”

    • June 14, 2018 at 6:51 am

      That is an awesome idea!

  • June 13, 2018 at 8:39 pm

    Thank you so very much for the pin pictures! <3 I love those Harold (Fred) pins.


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