Monthly Merchandise Spotlight, December 2017

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Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? If not, we’ve got some great last-minute ideas to sneak under the Christmas tree. This month, we’re in Disney Springs, the ultimate shopping area at Walt Disney World.

I think I already shared this photo in a Best Week Ever article, but I just had to mention it again. These hats at Chapel Hats are some of my favorite items in the store…(hint hint). But now on to other things.

The Arribas Brothers store has a variety of unique gifts for when you just don’t know what to get anyone. Some of the items there are very reasonably priced. Others, well, you might need a really special someone to splurge. This Maleficient piece, for instance, will set you back a little over $2,000.

At the other side of the store, with the Swarvoski merchandise, they had a stunning Darth Vader sculpture. I opted not to try and get a close look of it, however. The price tag was $29,500. Makes that Maleficient piece seem like a bargain, doesn’t it? 😉

Moving on to the Marketplace Co-Op. Truth told, that’s the store I spend more of my time in than World of Disney. They have such adorable stuff–clothing, artwork, home goods, and more. For the holidays, they have a full display of the Bambi-themed table service items. What’s interesting is that some of these items have been spotted in the Outlets, but here they are again (and at full price). Still, who wouldn’t love something like a Bambi milk creamer or a Thumper gravy boat?

Even though I’m not a dress person, I could do an entire post about the dress shop in the Marketplace Co-Op. I was very tempted by the Orange Bird dress (shown here), though.


Moving on into the travel goods store, I had recently been in the market for eye masks for my trip up north. Good thing I didn’t see this one–it would have been a perfect fit. It’s $12.99 and available on the Shop Parks app, if it fits for someone you know.

I admit, I haven’t seen Coco yet, but like any Disney and/or Pixar movie, you can bet that there’s merchandise for kids available. A wide variety of plush toys were around in Once Upon a Toy, and are available in the app.

For the kids who love dolls, I don’t think you can go wrong with the Animators Collection. I was thrilled to see Lilo included in there, right alongside the myriad princesses. The plush dolls are $20 (in-store only), but the larger (15″ non-plush) dolls (not shown here) are $30 and available on the app.


This year, my family sailed on three of the four DCL ships (and we’re aiming to be on the fourth one before midnight on New Year’s Eve!). For each ship, we picked up a pin. I was so paranoid that we wouldn’t get a pin for the last ship, so I was relieved to find that at the pin shop in Disney Springs, you can buy pins from the ships and from Castaway Cay.


Anywhere that sells Disney artwork is a dangerous place for me to visit. Overall, I can be good most of the time. This piece inspired by Up was simply priceless. Okay, technically it was $295, but you know what I mean.

Long-time readers of the Outlet reports know that shoe ornaments were a thing. Maybe they still are a thing. Does anyone want to admit to buying those? Well, if you were waiting for a purse to go with the shoes, purse ornaments have arrived. Yes, really. They’re $25 on the app. I suggest waiting for the outlets.


On a more “Yeah I might buy it” note, there were a variety of hotel ornaments for different resorts. They’re $15 and available on the app, if you want to show your favorite hotel spirit.

Advent calendars certainly have come a long way since the paper ones of my youth. Here’s one with tsum tsums. It’ll set you back $125, if you’re interested, and you can buy it on the app.


Behind Earl of Sandwich is a small gourmet-type store that sells a selection of teas, wines, seasonings, and salts. Truth told, this is one of my go-to places when I need to get a quick gift for someone and I don’t want it necessarily to scream Disney.


I didn’t include much clothing this month because getting into World of Disney looked like I needed to take out extra life insurance first, but I did spot this shirt as I was walking by and had to snap a picture. I only wish this came in adult sizes! It’s available on the app ($22) in youth sizes.


Speaking of kids’ clothing, this month, I don’t have a particular bit of Disney merchandise that I want to feature as see you at the Outlets soon (aside from those purse ornaments, of course), but I did want to share something I found just off property at the Target on 192 down the road from Animal Kingdom. It is kids’ pajamas featuring a llama. Cute idea, right? But the llama has… rainbow poop? Please, Disney, even though this is found at a store that caters to tourists, you don’t need to bring this one to Animal Kingdom.

See you next month, with more merchandise from the parks!

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  • December 14, 2017 at 11:07 am

    Loved it! Thanks for the report. Does anyone ever actually buy things for $29,500 or are those items just like cool store decorations? Or to make the rest of the store seem inexpensive? 🙂


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