New Ladies Shirt Declares It’s a Fun Day

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It’s always a fun day at Walt Disney World, especially according to this shirt for ladies. Lately we’ve come across some merchandise in which Cinderella Castle with a Mickey Mouse head shaped cutout for a front gate stands in place of the letter “O”. For reference, here’s the “HOME” pillow.

Now with this new ladies shirt, the castle is in place of an “A”.

This blue and white football-style shirt says “Fun Day” with the castle in place of the “A” and the retro style Walt Disney World logo below it. We found it at Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Emporium for $36.99. So far it does not appear to be on shopDisney online.

Walt Disney World Fun Day Shirt
Walt Disney World Fun Day Shirt
Walt Disney World Fun Day Shirt

What do you think of this shirt? How about the castle that can be both an “O” and an “A”? HOME and DOY or HAME and DAY?  Let us know what you think! 

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