New Test Track exhibit opens

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The Dreamchasers virtual-reality simulation at the exit of Test Track in Epcot quietly closed down recently and has been replaced with a new interactive area exploring the wonders of alternative fuels.

The main focus is a full scale repliace of the undercarriage of a vehicle along the rear wall which lights up and explains new vehicles systems in a multimedia presentation.

There are also interactive kiosks to explore. Though fairly basic, these seem to harken back to an old-fashioned Epcot feel of interactivity rather then computer screens and keyboards which are commonplace at home and the office.

One often overlooked element is the large projection on the floor.

The image cycles through corn (shown above), lightning, and bouncing words in water. It’s actually a large interactive projection. When you walk through the corn kernels pop into popcorn, the lightning zaps around following you, and bouncing words bounce away and ripple when you step on them.

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