Phil Holmes and other management changes

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In a second wave of layoffs several areas of Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort management are being restructured in the past week.

Most notable in the casualties, we’ve heard that VP of Magic Kingdom, Phil Holmes, is no longer with the company.

Many areas in the parks are losing multiple operational managers (and many frontline CM’s would argue that they were redundant positions). Reports are of attraction groups losing several managers per area and restaurants each losing a few. The most major cuts appear to come from the Studios park.

Management structure has fluctuate over the years at the parks and resorts. The most recent setup involved multiple areas with multiple managers – indeed redundant to some extent. This is compared to previous operational setups where many areas were combined and only a few managers separated the frontline CM’s from the heads of the parks.

Perhaps the best outcome would be the return of “leads” and quasi-management CM’s at individual locations who can make big decisions and remain dedicated to operation. A common complaint among CM’s is that management spends too much time in the back offices and have no idea how to run an attraction or perform their job function properly. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

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