PHOTOS: Country Bear Ornament, More Christmas Merch, and a $44 Rice Crispy Treat Pie at Disneyland Resort

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in Southern California. The 90-degree temperatures from a couple of weeks ago have been replaced by a some crisp mid-60s temperatures during the days. This of course means my fellow Californians have busted out the scarves and winter coats, almost as if they’re about to head for a weekend ski trip. Meanwhile at the Disneyland Resort, Disney California Adventure is just a week away from opening Buena Vista Street and portions of Grizzly Peak and Hollywood Land. No rides will be available, but plenty of food and shopping will be available. It’s safe to assume the crowds for DCA’s limited reopening will be large as many locals are eager to be in a Disney theme park, whether there’s rides or not. Downtown Disney already sees waits of over an hour or more every weekend due to limited capacity, so expect more of the same. Also be aware that Disney will start charging a $10 parking fee when Buena Vista Street reopens. There is no free parking for annual passholders and no parking validation offered at any Downtown Disney stores.  Now that that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at some merchandise.

Frist off, here it is, the greatest Christmas ornament Disney has ever created. It’s an accurate recreation of the Country Bear Jamboree building in Magic Kingdom. It goes without saying Country Bear Jamboree is the best attraction ever, and each of the bears in the show are worldwide cultural icons, so I’m glad the bears finally have an ornament worthy of their greatness.

Flip the ornament around and the best gets even better. You can see the actual stage and many of the bears in the show. THE ONLY PROBLEM…. Trixie is on the wrong stage, she should be on the far right. But it’s ok, I can forgive them because otherwise it’s 95% perfect. This ornament is worth every penny of the $29.99 price tag.

Before we continue with the merchandise, I stopped by Marcelines Confectionery to see if they had any of the usual Christmas season treats. They did not, but they did have this outrageously priced Pecan Pie Crispy. Look at the photo and you’ll see this is not actually a pie. It’s a gigantic Rice Crispy Treat with some pecan sprinkled on top. I’m sure it tastes great but I’d rather use the money to buy a week’s worth of groceries. Also, am I crazy or does $5.49 for a single slice also seem like a lot of money.

Back to shopping. I stopped by the Disney Home Store, which usually has a long line thanks to its very limited capacity. Today it had no line so I walked right in.

Like World of Disney, Disney Home is also decorated for the holiday season.

Here’s a “it’s a small world” musical nutcracker, which was a new item from last year. I love how they made it look like it came directly from the ride.

Seasonal face masks. How 2020 is that?

This tree with various Disneyland icons is pretty cute. $39.99

Some fun Mickey and Minnie Christmas stockings. These can be yours for $29.99 each.

Another new Disneyland building ornament arrived, this time the Main Street Cinema. The details on this one are really great. You can see two classic Mickey Mouse cartoons playing on the screens inside.

Speaking of ornaments, here’s a Disney character gingerbread cookie ornament set.

Here’s a Mickey and Minnie bell ornament set for $19.99.

For $19.99 you can get this metal wall ornament.

There’s nothing like getting all nice and cozy with a soft blanket on a cold winter night. This fleece and cable knit throw is available for $74.99.

Your good doggies can also get festive with these collars in various sizes.

Moving on to World of Disney, here’s a adorable flannel dog shirt for $34.99.

This Christmas tree lights up and is available for $49.99.

For $95.00 you can have this figure of Mickey and Minnie on ice skates.

Moving on from Christmas items, the popular throwback Disneyland popcorn bucket is available again for $16.99.

Over at Stage 17, the light up Madame Leota sipper cup is also back in stock.

See anything you want? Are you heading to Buena Vista Street at some point this holiday season? Let me know in the comments below. 

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