REVIEW – Cotton-Top Tamarin Cupcakes Are BACK

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With the holiday season gone, it is time for some sweets to make their return to the parks. At Disney’s Animal Kingdom the Cotton-Top Tamarin Cupcake has returned. It can be mobile ordered at Restaurantosaurus and Flame Tree BBQ, or picked up at Creature Comforts Starbucks location.

This cupcake is made in honor of the Cotton-Top Tamarin monkeys found in the park; their soft black and white fur makes them pretty easy to identify. So how does this cupcake in their honor taste?

Mobile Ordering at Flame Tree Barbecue

The Cotton-Top Tamarin Cupcake is bursting with chocolate. Chocolate cake with chocolate filling is topped with a buttercream frosting. The buttercream is classic, thick and sweet giving a break from the chocolate cake and filling. There are chocolate pearls on the back adding a little bit of crispness.

Cotton-Top Tamarin Cupcake
Cotton-Top Tamarin Cupcake

This cupcake was available last spring through most of the summer. We’re not sure how long its return will last, but the great news is there is almost always a specialty cupcake available in each park throughout the year. It is $5.99 which is the standard price of practically any specialty cupcake at Walt Disney World.

Have you had this cupcake before? Are you interested in trying it out?

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