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Independence Day is right around the corner, and if you want to show your patriotic spirit with a Disney flair, we’ve got a couple items for you.

First up, going to Walt Disney World without a MagicBand is, to paraphrase Sam the American Eagle, distinctly unpatriotic.

I’ve recently switched from wearing a MagicBand at the parks to keeping the puck in a MagicBand keeper so that I can attach it to a bag or lanyard of my choice, but I really like the style on this one–a beautiful blue band with white stars and red Mickeys. It’s a solid, classic design for me.

The other item that caught my eye is from the PatcheD collection. I’ve been wearing a “patch jacket” since I was a young kid, and so the fact that Disney now has a whole line of patches is awesome. And although I may have bought some character-based ones, my real love are patches that help tell a story of where I’ve visited.

This one with a classic Walt Disney World type treatment and the ol’ red, white, and blue is a winner to me. And of course Mickey and fireworks, too? Perfect!

Are either of these ways that you’d want to show your American spirit? Let us know in the comments.

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