Soothing Your Longing For Disneyland Through Merch

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As we all know, Disneyland has been closed since March, and the reality is that while there are signs that it might be able to reopen sooner than initially thought, the reality is that we simply don’t know when we’re going to be able to return to The Happiest Place on Earth. One thing you may not know about me is that I tend to let the parks be the parks, and my home be my home, and you’d really never know what a geek I am by looking at my attire or decor when I’m back home. With that said, the current situation/these uncertain times/the new normal/insert-your-pandemic-euphemism-of-choice calls for a different approach, and I’m now looking for ways to bring some Disneyland back to my home.

One easy way to have a frequent reminder of Disneyland is to have a little memento with you all the time. With that in mind, check out this Sleeping Beauty Castle Key Ring. This particular one has a nod to Ariel with the coral color and the seashell, but there are plenty of key rings available to suit whatever takes you where you want to be.

© Disney

On a similar note, a phone case is a great–and relatively inexpensive–way to get a little dose of magic without taking any kind of break from your normal routine. Just pick up your phone, smile when you see it, and go about you business with a little extra spring in your step. Here’s a great, classic Disneyland phone case featuring the iconic castle, but there is no shortage of options here, either.

© Disney

I’ve found puzzles to be a great way to pass the time while stuck at home, so why not combine this relaxing hobby with a little dose of Disney? This Disneyland puzzle presents a great challenge at 1000 pieces, and will give you a fun way to spend a few minutes or several hours focused on something Disney-related.

© Disney

I am bald as an eagle and can’t go outside in the summer without a ball cap, and a solid Disneyland cap is another low-effort way to inject your day to day with a little Disney. Check out this awesome Mr. Toad cap; you may see my friend @hocohowie sporting one if you see him out and about.

© Disney

Wall art is another vehicle for a lot of Disney fans to have periodic reminders of the parks that are willing to make a more substantial commitment. It’s probably not something that you’re going to see every moment, but it provides a gentle reminder when you walk by it in your home. This particular work celebrates the Matterhorn, but there is an enormous amount of variety in terms of styles, themes, and featured attractions. Note that this is the limited edition giclèe on canvas version of this particular piece, which is entitled Yeti Or Not by artist Noah. Less-expensive prints or posters are also available for purchase.

© Disney

Etsy is an AMAZING place to find Disney-themed products as well. Everything from candles, to attraction posters and ride signs, to clothing, you can find it all there, made by independent sellers. Here’s a link to a Disneyland-centric search to get you going.

So, these are a few examples, but the real point of this post is to find out what YOU do to remind yourself of Disneyland when you’re not there? Do you have your home decked out in Disney decor? Is your closet full of Disney attire? Do you wear your mouse ears around the house? Please let us know in the comments!

Just a quick note as I close: normally, this is where you might see a disclaimer saying that “we may make a commission from any products you purchase from clicking links on this page.” Well, that is not the case. We have no interest in any of the products on this page, just highlighting a few ideas for things to bring a little Disneyland into your day to day. Buy these, buy something else, don’t buy anything, whatever you like! Enjoy and let us know what you like!

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