The Items We Fell in Love with at Disney This Week, July 2, 2021

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We had a wild time window shopping this week — here’s the items we found around Walt Disney World that we wanted to put into our shopping carts, and one item we didn’t find at Disney World that still ended up in our shopping carts.

Rock Animals from Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Over in Island Mercantile at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you can find a variety of your typical theme park merchandise. But what really stood out to us were these tiny rock critters. At $9.99, they make a very unique souvenir that really does capture the spirit of Animal Kingdom but still has a unique quality to them from typical theme park souvenirs. These would be great gifts to bring home to someone who really doesn’t want a “Disney souvenir”, but you want to bring back a little something for anyhow.

Attraction Merchandise at Magic Kingdom

Over at the Emporium, we spotted some really neat options for Magic Kingdom attraction merchandise. Everyone has a favorite attraction at Magic Kingdom, and so there’s always a market for some specialized items. First up, though, for someone who likes all the attractions, a baseball cap with the old style ticket books. My first trip to Disney was at a time where you could get either ticket books or pay a little extra for an all-day “passport” that hooked to your clothing like a ski lift ticket. Because my parents figured that we might not go back to Disney (after all, you visit a place once, why go back?) they splurged for the passport.


Also available at the Emporium was this Madame Leota beach towel. I’m not sure it screams beach trip for me, but it might be cool to use around the pool.

And finally, according to various trendy magazines, tie dye is in for 2021. I for one am happier than I have any right to be that I’m finally trendy in my wardrobe of all denim and tie dye. It does mean there’s some great options from Disney as well, like this Pirates of the Caribbean shirt.

Delish Magazine’s Special “Delish Loves Disney” Edition

When I saw this in my social media feeds, I knew I needed to order it. I have a decent-size collection of Disney cookbooks (and yes, I’ve cooked many a thing from them!). At first, it seemed like this item would never arrive. I purchased it through Amazon, and the first copy got lost somewhere in New York. The second copy made it to the Orlando area and then . . . stopped. Several days late, it finally arrived and thankfully I can say it was worth the wait. Among some of the recipes included are Pepperoni Pizza Spring Rolls from Magic Kingdom, directions on how to make a Mickey caramel apple, School Bread from EPCOT’s Norway Pavilion, Ronto Wrap and Num Num Cookie recipes from Hollywood Studios, Butter Chicken from Sanaa, and more. I know I’ve got a lot more recipes to try out now!


Have you made any Disney merchandise purchases lately? Share with us what sort of things you like to come home with from the parks!

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