This Week in Walt Disney World Weather — February 2, 2020

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So many clouds! Weather at Walt Disney World this January has seemed awfully gray this year. I’m looking forward to getting the climate report from the National Weather Service to see if it confirms what we’ve all been complaining about: an unusually gloomy, damp January to start off 2020.

It could just be our imaginations—Floridians are frightfully sensitive to a lack of bright lights. But there’s no denying the string of gray days last week, which culminated in an un-thrilling climax of mist, light rain, and low clouds on Saturday.

pink tree at Magic Kingdom
If the sky has been dull, at least the trees are interesting.

Well, glad tidings I bring you for the first week of February. Sure, there’s a big low pressure trough lurking in the seven-day forecast. But there is also a warm, dry high pressure center which will be a park-goers’ best friend Monday through Wednesday. Let’s dig in.

This week in Walt Disney World Weather

Sunday has started us off with sparkling sunshine. The cold front which pushed through Central Florida on Saturday has cleared the way for high pressure building in the Gulf of Mexico, and that’s going to be a positive influence on our weather for the first half of this week. While Sunday’s temperatures will be chilly, thanks to the dry northern air blowing in behind the front, the slow progression of the high pressure center across the peninsula will usher in sunshine, southerly winds, and warming temperatures from Monday through Wednesday.

It’s a very continental weather situation, the sort of thing which only affects Florida from October through April. Take a look at this cool weather map and you can see our entire week ahead. The high over the Gulf of Mexico is our first half of the week. That low draped across the Rockies is our second half.

Weather map for feb 1 2020
Sunday’s weather map shows the high pressure in the Gulf that will track across Florida Monday-Wednesday, while that distant low pressure trough affects us Thursday-Friday. Image courtesy NOAA

If the chill in that northwest wind isn’t too much, Sunday’s high of 67 degrees might just feel like the perfect theme park day. Be ready for the evening, though. After sundown, temps sink fast into the 50s, for an overnight low around 44 degrees.

Monday’s forecast looks like most people’s idea of perfect. Sunny, a high of 73 degrees, a calm to gentle southern breeze. Monday night is clear, with a low around 50. With high pressure in control, we’ll be enjoying dry air, so even Florida’s usual mugginess is going to take a little break. Enjoy it, especially if you’re going to be with us all week.

On Tuesday, the high pressure center drifts on into the Atlantic Ocean, letting our winds veer to the south-southeast, and things really start to warm up. Often when we get a southeastern flow, some coastal rain showers get into the mix, but this air mass is really dry, so we’re not expecting anything but blue skies on Tuesday. The high climbs into the upper 70s, and after sunset the evening cools comfortably into the 60s before an overnight low of 60 degrees.

Wednesday might just be your water park day. With a high of 80 degrees, it’s still not the warmest day of the week yet, but it’s the sunniest warmest day of the week. The forecast is an indeterminate “partly sunny.” Clouds from an approaching front could start smothering the sun later in the day. Wednesday night looks cloudy, with a slight chance of rain showers. With all that humidity, things really won’t cool off much. The evening will be in the 70s, and the overnight low a rather damp 67 degrees.

On Thursday the rain chance begins to ramp up and the weather gets a little wild. With a high of 84, cloudy skies, and a saucy wind from the southwest blowing 10 to 20 miles per hour, with gusts to 30 miles per hour, you’re honestly going to wonder what the heck Florida is up to. There’s a 40% chance of showers, too, just to keep things spicy.

Thursday night the chance of rain goes up, along with the possibility for a thunderstorm. The wind sticks around, gusting up to 25 miles per hour. With an overnight low of 62 degrees, this one will be hard to dress for. There is a possibility of strong to severe thunderstorms in this Thursday-Friday period as the trough of low pressure pushes through. We’ll know more about the strength of this system in a few days’ time.

On Friday the front pulls out and after an early chance for rain, we’ll be looking for gradually clearing skies and a highs in the mid to upper 60s. With a mild west wind, things should calm down… for a little while. Overnight could be in the low 50s, before a sunny Saturday with a high around 70 degrees.

Sunrise and Sunset

Lengthening days are here! Central Florida is nearly up to eleven hours of daylight, with a sunrise around 7:13 AM this week, and a sunset around 6:04 PM. By the end of the month, we’ll have added a solid forty minutes more to the day, with sunrise backed up all the way to 6:50 AM and sunset at 6:25 PM. Central Florida sunrises are particularly pretty, but you’re going to have to work in a viewing of them, because unless you’re camping out for Rise of the Resistance or heading to a very early ADR, they’re probably already too early for a vacation sleep schedule.

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