This Week in Walt Disney World Weather — February 23, 2020

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Here comes the last week in February, and it’s been a fairly mild one for Central Florida up until this point. The weather at Walt Disney World has been mostly on the warm side this February. We’ve had lots of pool-worthy days, with sunny afternoons and temperatures spiking into the high 80s. So warm, in fact, that it’s kind of a shame we’re in water park refurb season. I could have made some time for Typhoon Lagoon lately, but she’s closed for her annual clean-up.

And so with the exception of a few fairly weak low pressure systems and one very cold, windy day this past week, nothing too drastic has happened with our weather. It’s been interesting behind the scenes, but on the surface, just a lot of sunshine and the occasional showery day.

Sunset over Magic Kingdom from Contemporary Resort
A little afterglow on a perfectly clear February evening.

This week, things change up. While high pressure will still buoy temperatures early in the week, by Tuesday an approaching front will start shifting Florida’s weather for the cooler and wetter… and this cold front will be packing a seriously chilly punch. Let’s see what’s coming!

This Week in Walt Disney World Weather

High pressure in control on Sunday is moving slowly offshore over the Atlantic waters. The onshore winds will bring in more of that unseasonable spring warmth. Sunday’s high will be a comfortable 77 degrees, as the wind switches from north to east in the afternoon. It’s all sunshine and spring breezes, with a cool evening dipping down to 57 degrees before Monday daybreak.

On Monday the day warms into the lower 80s, with plenty of early sunshine. In the afternoon, the winds begin to switch around to a southerly flow. With this added moisture, some clouds will start to pop up late, and by Monday night things could be mostly cloudy. With moist air and a cloud canopy to keep things warm, the temperatures will lazily fall after sunset, to an overnight low of 63 degrees.

The southerly flow really kicks in with deepening moisture on Tuesday, as a low pressure system over the Plains pulls humid air northward from the Gulf of Mexico. Things will stay warm, with a high around 83 degrees, but we’ll see a 30% chance of showers throughout the day. Towards evening, a surface front will push through the area, bringing more widespread rain and perhaps a thunderstorm after 8 PM. The evening will stay warm, around 66 degrees for a low, with a southwest wind pushing rain showers along.

Weather Prediction Center
Extra moisture in place late on Monday into Tuesday as that low over the center of the US keeps winds southerly. It brings rain on Wednesday. Courtesy NOAA

The full cold front arrives on Wednesday.

Expect a cloudy, humid morning to start the day with showers and thunderstorms hanging around. Ahead of the front, the wind will pick up from the west and temperatures will rise into the mid 70s. The front sweeps through late in the day with widespread rain, the possibility for thunderstorms, and cold air directly in its wake. Once the front passes through, overnight lows will drop into the lower 50s.

Thursday morning is a typical post-frontal day for February. The sun comes out, the wind is blowing from the northwest, it’s cold, and it’s dry. With a high near 63 degrees and a gusty wind, things will stay chilly but the sun might feel warm… your mileage may vary. After sunset things do get cold. The wind dies down a bit, but the temperature is going to fall all the way down into the lower 40s.

High pressure behind the front will move east across the Gulf of Mexico Friday through Saturday, keeping the sun shining and the air dry. Temperatures aren’t expected to rebound very quickly, though, and the cool air sticks around. Expect a chilly high of just 58 degrees on Friday, and a little improvement on Saturday for a high of 65. The northwest wind will stick around throughout next weekend, and we don’t expect a return of southerly breezes until the first few days of March.

So all in all: Monday and Tuesday will be warm but increasingly humid and showery, Wednesday is when we have the best chance of widespread rains, and Thursday through next Sunday are looking sunny but quite chilly. If you’re visiting Walt Disney World for the week, it’s a “pack one of everything” kind of situation — from shorts to stocking caps. Bring something to layer up against cold winds whipping across flat promenades and broad lagoons late in the week, and try not to forget that while it’s probably much colder back home, you also probably wouldn’t be spending 12-16 hours outdoors in the chill, getting progressively colder and colder, the way you will on a theme park vacation!

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