This Week in Walt Disney World Weather — January 19, 2020

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Record-breaking warmth! Sunshine and blue skies! Pollen and blooming flowers! No, it’s not spring. This is a little Florida trick called Fake Summer. Don’t fall for it — this happens every year.

Week two of January went all-out on the hot weather, with record highs at Orlando International Airport, spotty sea-breeze rain showers, and even a shortened Walt Disney World Marathon. While much of the Southeast experienced severe weather and heavy rains, the Florida peninsula proved immune thanks to a protective high pressure system… but even this ridge must pass.

On Friday night a cold front slipped through, dropping Saturday’s highs to a relatively cool 75 degrees. But the real troublemaker arrives Sunday. This is when things change.

Sky over Norway, Epcot
Wispy clouds signal a coming change over Epcot on Saturday, Jan. 18.

This Week in Walt Disney World Weather

A strong cold front is on the way for Sunday night, making this holiday weekend one of big changes around Central Florida. If you’re here already, we hope you brought a hoodie. If not — grab one now before your size is completely out of stock.

Sunday, the weather’s signature move will come late afternoon into the early evening. A strong cold front is going to push aside a weak high pressure ridge. In its favor we won’t see too much rain. Just a 40-50% chance is in store, and there isn’t enough instability to support thunderstorms. But it will bring along clouds, and after a warm day in the high 70s, temperatures will drop off to a chilly 50 degrees by daybreak on Monday. As the front finishes blowing through in late evening, a gusty wind out of the north will take over. We could have wind gusts as high as 20 miles per hour, bringing in that cold air overnight.

Luckily, this cold front appears to be the sole drama for the week. In the past few weeks we’ve gotten multiple fronts in one week, bringing strings of gray, damp days. This week, though, we’re going to do one deep dive into cold air before a warming trend brings back comfortable weather, gentle breezes, and an off chance of the occasional warm shower.

First, though, let’s get through the cold weather. We don’t have much choice. Here’s what the timing looks like for cold, not so cold, and warming up this week.

Monday begins cool and dry, with the northwest to north breeze settling in as a trough sets up along the coast. The sun will come out, but that won’t stop temperatures from settling in the fifties and staying put. The high on Monday is a chilly 61, and the low drops off quickly into the 40s after sunset. With the wind blowing at an assertive ten miles per hour from the north, layer a jacket with a sweater before you head out to dinner. Temperatures of 45 degrees with a wind chill while you’re waiting for the bus after a full day in the parks is no joke.

As for the next day? Well, Tuesday is downright cold, with a brisk north wind, a morning start around 40 degrees, and a high of just 58 degrees. Sorry, folks, but this is not pool weather, no matter where you’re from! Luckily, we’ll have lots of sunshine to help make up for the chill during the day. With some showers along the coast, we probably won’t see any rain but there will be enough damp in the air to make that wind feel downright frigid. After sunset, the temperature starts sinking towards a Wednesday morning start of 40 degrees. That’s cold, I don’t care where you’re from.

On Wednesday, the sunny 50s stick around, with a high around 60 degrees, but the night isn’t going to be so bad. Wednesday night will be a bit warmer, in the mid 50s rather than down in the low 40s. A slight chance of showers enters the forecast as well.

Thursday through Saturday, things finally start to warm up around here! Each day, look for partly sunny skies with a high between 72 and 74 degrees — now that sounds nice. The wind switches around to below gently out of the east, and we know what that means: a chance of showers blowing in from the coast. Look for a 20 to 30% chance of showers for the second half of the week. Each night, temperatures will bottom out in the upper 50s to 60 degrees.

Sunrise and Sunset for January

How short are the days in your neck of the woods? The days in Orlando are starting to feel a little longer as sunset creeps closer to 6 PM.

For the rest of the month, sunrises are backing up from 7:18 to 7:13 AM.

Sunset is pushing from 5:52 this week to 6:04 PM by the end of January. Add in twilight, and Orlando is enjoying a little natural lighting until 6:18 this week, and all the way until 6:29 by the end of the month. Good news if you’re coming from the northeast and could use a little extra sunshine!

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