This Week in Walt Disney World Weather — January 5, 2020

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It’s been warm at Walt Disney World — before this weekend, anyway! If you were here for our sultry holiday week, here’s hoping you got in some pool time despite those pesky clouds and showers. December 2019 was warmer and wetter than normal for Central Florida, and we felt that right up to the very end of the month.

In fact, average temperatures for December were three to five degrees warmer than normal across Central Florida. Despite a decent cold front and a long dry spell early in December, the warm weather eventually took over, along with some seriously wet days.

One reason for the warm temperatures was a persistent onshore flow from the Atlantic, which kept our nights from cooling off too much. Days that were 70 degrees or more had nights which were as much as 15 degrees above normal thanks to this warm oceanic breeze.  High temperatures were generally above normal, but “high lows” really helped move our average temperature for the month well out of normal range. Orlando tied or set four records for warm lows, ranging from 68 to 71 degrees. Orlando’s monthly average temperature was 67.5 degrees, which is 4.9 degrees above normal.

This week sees the end of the holiday season and ushers in Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend 2020. It’s definitely a weekend where the weather counts! Will you need coats or short sleeves this week? Well, it’s Florida in winter. So: yes.

This Week in Walt Disney World Weather

mixed skies over Seven Seas Lagoon
Half sun, half cloud… much like our December and early January.

The cold is back! Saturday’s cold front, which brought storms and clouds to Central Florida, had a back-up this morning with a second front sweeping through around dawn. The first front dropped temperatures a solid twenty to thirty degrees. Luckily, the front moved through quickly enough to allow for clearing on Sunday, but the cold weather is here to stay, even with the sunshine—at least for a few days!

For Sunday night, look for dry, cold air to make control, with humidity below 40% and temperatures dipping to near 42 degrees overnight. With such dry air, it’s going to cool off quickly after sunset. You’re definitely going to want a jacket, maybe more, if you’re staying out Sunday evening.

But that’s practically warm. There will be 30s in the northern counties, so if you’re staying outside of the Disney bubble, you might be even colder! Here’s hoping you brought your coats with you if you’ve already arrived… if you’re coming in later in the week, stay tuned for more changes.

Monday will warm to the upper 60s under sunny skies before dropping to the mid 40s again overnight. Look for a chilly low of 47 to start out Tuesday morning. Luckily, the day continues to warm up under sunny skies. The high on Tuesday should be close to 70 degrees, and overnight the low dips only to around 50. Still jacket weather if you’re a Floridian, but if you’re coming from up north, we’ll forgive your short sleeves!

On Wednesday, a surface front will push through the peninsula, but it’s not expected to bring much rain. There just isn’t enough moisture associated with it to dislodge the dry air in place over Florida. Right now, forecasts just call for a dip in temperature as the front moves through on Wednesday morning, keeping Wednesday’s high restricted to the mid 60s under sunny to partly cloudy skies. Wednesday overnight stays fairly comfortable, around 52 degrees.

With that weak front out of the way, dry air still in charge, and sunny skies, Thursday looks like it will be gorgeous. That’s great news for the Walt Disney World 5K runners! With a daybreak temperature in the low 50s, you should really enjoy the running weather. Cheering section? You’re going to want to bundle up a little, especially if the wind picks up early. A decent east wind moves in Thursday ahead of an approaching front, bringing us gusts of up to 20 miles per hour.

Thursday overall looks like the prettiest day of the week, with a high near 75 degrees. Despite the east wind, the air is still expected to be too dry for showers to blow in off the Atlantic… although it’s worth watching out for. Clouds roll in later in the day, but it’s a pretty mild night, with a low around 62 degrees.

The Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend continues on Friday with the 10K, and it might just coincide with some rain chances. Right now, models show just a twenty percent chance of showers on Friday. But since we’re a week out, prep now for the chance of rain and watch the forecast. As models get closer, we’ll learn for sure whether more moisture enters into the area which could kick up additional rain chances on Friday. As it stands right now, the high on Friday reaches a rather sticky 79 degrees. Early morning run-time should be in the low 60s.

The rest of the weekend is looking a lot like Friday: warm with the potential for some scattered showers. Keep watching for updates if you’re a runner. Things should be pretty ironed out by Wednesday!

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