This Week in Walt Disney World Weather — November 3, 2019

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Well, it’s here! This week’s weather at Walt Disney World is all about autumn. And thank goodness, because the Christmas decorations have gone up, the clocks have gone back, and last week was one of the hottest late Octobers on the record books for Florida. Let’s not do that again!

Record Heat for Halloween

Did you try to dress up for the final Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party? Did you regret all of your life’s decisions? Did you pour your candy onto your hotel room floor in a gooey ball of sadness? Hopefully at least that one didn’t happen. But when you’ve got a high of 91 degrees on Halloween, the weather is easily the scariest thing about the spooky season. The good news? It’s gone. At least, it seems to be gone. For now.

walkway from Hollywood Studios to Boardwalk
If you love this walk as much as I do, you also know how meltingly hot this stretch gets. Yikes! Enjoy it this week.

This week’s weather at Walt Disney World

The beginning of November is here, with long nights, cool mornings, and… afternoon showers? It seems like there’s at least a chance. Let’s take a look at what’s influencing our weather.

First of all, we’ve entered cold front season, but it takes a while for these bad boys to crank up enough energy to really slam through Central Florida, and they’re just not there yet. What we’re seeing instead is fronts that sort of slide into the area and then stick around — a stationary front. Much like waiting at the merge while every single person who ever had a FastPass+ marches past you at Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, the stationary front is going nowhere in a hurry.

So for the first part of the week, we’re going to enjoy the slightly troubled air of this going-nowhere frontal boundary. As a high pressure system arrives early in the week, the frontal boundary will slowly edge northward into Central Florida and bring some moisture with it, bumping up our rain chances. This has been the pattern with cold fronts the past few weeks—they just don’t want to leave us!

The moisture and warm temperatures are going to stick around for the foreseeable future, with no cold fronts expected to make their way to Florida this coming week. So if you were planning on an escape from the crazy cold which has taken over the rest of the country, great news! Florida is going to be lovely.

Skies will be changeable, switching from sun to partly cloudy to mostly cloudy throughout the daytime hours, and there will be a chance of showers each day. Not sizeable—maybe 30% at best—but still, a sprinkle or two could surprise you while you’re wandering World Showcase. There shouldn’t be any thunder and lightning associated with these showers, so they really aren’t expected to be disruptive to your day. A decent breeze from the north or northeast will help rush these showers off the ocean and through the area quickly.

As for temperatures, we’ll be looking at overnight lows in the mid to upper 60s—very nice mornings and evenings—and highs in the 80s, starting around 81, then lifting towards the mid-80s as the week progresses and the high pressure continues to keep cool air from making its way down to Florida. So while it will be above-normal once again, we are only talking about 85 degrees by the end of the week… not 90. And yes, friends, there’s a huge difference!

Tropical Weather Outlook

There’s nothing out there. Take a look at that map! The Gulf of Mexico is empty, the Caribbean Sea is empty, the near-shore Atlantic is empty… nothing to see here, please disperse. The hurricane season continues for another few weeks, but November hurricanes are relatively rare. There have been just five landfalling hurricanes in the U.S. for the month of November, with records going back to 1851.

Tropical Outlook? Computer says no. Courtesy: NOAA
Tropical Outlook? Computer says no. Courtesy: NOAA

What is interesting, though, is that the points of origin maps for November show tropical systems can develop just about anywhere from Bermuda to the Bay of Campeche. Yet with all that energy still available, powerful cold fronts tend to take them out to sea fairly quickly. Take a look at the prevailing maps for October versus November.

October hurricane prevailing tracks. Courtesy: NOAA
October hurricane prevailing tracks. Courtesy: NOAA
November hurricane prevailing tracks. Straight out to sea, thanks to powerful cold fronts. Courtesy: NOAA
November hurricane prevailing tracks. Straight out to sea, thanks to powerful cold fronts. Courtesy: NOAA

We’ll keep watching, but it’s almost time to retire this segment for the season!

Sweater Weather(?)

So, is it time to pack the hoodies? My answer is yes. When you spend all day outside in the sun and the temperature is in the 80s, those evenings below 70 degrees can feel really chilly against your skin! Going in and out of stores with the A/C set on 65 degrees makes it even worse (or better, depending on how much time you spent here over the summer and whether or not you’re over it yet).

It might not exactly be sweater weather yet if you’re one of those great northern heroes who shovel snow in your shirt-sleeves, but bring a light jacket. Basically, every fall evening at Walt Disney World can be April 25… in your heart.

Maybe it’s spirit jersey weather. Yeah, let’s call it that.

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