Three Major Changes for This Year’s Food and Wine Festival

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With the expected construction coming to Epcot, quite. a few changes have been made this year at Food and Wine. Yes, there’s still an amazing assortment of foods and wines, but some expected features have changed. Here’s three changes to look for

1. No Festival Center

With the old Wonders of Life building under a transformation to become the Play Pavilion, the ability to use that as the Festival Center has gone. Unlike for other festivals where the Festival Center was moved to the Odyssey Pavilion, that also has been turned into a construction zone for an upcoming exhibit about the new transformation coming to Epcot. This means if you’re looking to buy merchandise or wine that you typically would get from the Festival Center, it has now moved to smaller locations throughout World Showcase, with the main festival merchandise area centered around Port of Entry. Exhibits and demonstrations during the festival have moved to World Showplace.


2. Chocolate Exhibit in the Land–with Cutbacks

The Ghirardelli Chocolate exhibit still exists, and free samples are still being handed out, but it has a new location — it is now housed in The Land pavilion in the old Circle of Life theater (soon to be home to the movie Awesome Planet). Unfortunately, the amazing chocolate sculptures do not appear to have made the move with them — the exhibit this year is just a bare-bones story of how chocolate is made. It’s main purpose here is really just to be a store.

3.  New Indoor Cider Bar

Over at the Canada Pavilion, the currently under renovation Canada film has been replaced by an indoor “booth”. The Cider Bar offers a couple snacks, ciders, and wines, but most importantly, air conditioning. This is a great place to beat the heat or dodge some weather.

What do you think of the changes for this year? Let us know in the comments.



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One thought on “Three Major Changes for This Year’s Food and Wine Festival

  • September 2, 2019 at 11:05 am

    Looking forward to that cider bar!!! First ever time at Food & Wine, so the other changes won’t effect me much, but could see how they’d be a bummer for others.


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