Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Significant Other

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Every year the options and varieties of holiday merchandise at Walt Disney World continue to grow, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. If you are looking for something that really screams Disney for your significant other, here are a few fun suggestions!

For all you Vinylmation collectors, this year there are two holiday specific Vinyls. There is a 3-inch one that is patterned after a box of chocolates. I especially love the detail of the box! There is also a 9-inch Valentine’s Day Vinylmation that has more of a cutesy feel to it, with sweet details. Also a recently released 3-inch isn’t specifically for Valentine’s Day but features the Princesses in a carousel theme with the words Happily Ever After.

While there is a love letter series of pins that would be great for Valentine’s Day, there are two specific holiday pins and a lanyard being offered this year for your special pin collector.

In my opinion, the plush options are a little weak this year. The outfits that the Fab 5 are dressed in are super close to last year’s design, and Duffy is exactly the same. I know that there is only so much that the designers can do, but I would love to see a bit more variation from year to year. Also, a holiday t-shirt or outfit for Duffy would be a nice option, instead of having to buy a whole new bear.

I am in love with the Valentine’s Day Antenna Topper! This little cupid is absolutely adorable!

For those of you looking for something a little different for your sweetie that has a little more personality, you won’t be disappointed!

Chamilla Charms launched a line of Disney specific charms last year, and the line is still expanding. This is a great gift option because the charms are affordable, and buying one of these beauties means that you have a ‘go to’ gift option for quite some time! There is a wide variety of Disney characters, beads, and spacers available not only at Walt Disney World, but when you return home. I am fan of the Cinderella Coach and the Mickey & Minnie with the dangling heart charms! You can never really go wrong with jewelry and watches as Valentine’s Day gifts! The jewelry options are becoming more adult and trendy, rather than grown up versions of children’s jewelry.

And when you are looking at watches, especially for the guys, Disney has done a really great job expanding the options to include more casual and collectible selections.

 One thing that my husband has really enjoyed is expanding his collection of fun t-shirts. During the year there have been some great retro, comic inspired, and just-for-fun designs released!

Since I have switched over to the iPhone fold, I have become a sucker for cool phone cases, and the D-TECH line is amazing! There are tons of character, decoration (they have just started to expand their ‘bling’ designs), and case material options. Also, there are now limited Android, iPad, and iPod Touch cases available. One of the newer D-TECH additions has been a line of portable speakers, headphones, cables, and card readers.

This is one snazzy iPad case!!!
One of the MANY iPhone case options.

I hope that this look at gift options for your significant other helps you find that special something for you special someone not just on Valentine’s Day but on your next trip!!!

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