Wait times increasing at Mission: SPACE

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During the past year the line for Epcot’s Mission: SPACE had begun to lag while other Future World attractions saw steady increases. Recently, Disney introduced a “less intense” version of the attraction to reach a broader audience with their investment, and it seems to be working.

The photo below shows the full interior queue of the attraction, a sight rarely seen prior to the modification.

There are now actually two seperate queues in addition to the Fastpass queue for Mission: SPACE. The Green queue is usually shorter and is the new “less intense” version of the attraction which eliminated the high g-forces and spinning. The Orange queue, typically twice as long as Green, is for the full-force original version of the attraction.

Within the main interior queue, there is approximately 30 minutes worth of line in three switchbacks for each side (Green or Orange). The Orange line can also extend to include the exterior queue. Fastpass bypasses both lines for a short wait in the final boarding area for your choice of intensity.

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