What We’re Talking About: Asking Gaston’s Hand in Marriage, Disney Hotel Reopenings, & More

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What We’re Talking About – Disney and Universal Orlando News and Rumors

The part of this article that I found to be the most fascinating….where Disney states that staffing at the resorts is on par with pre-pandemic levels. Becky also finds it interesting stating: That’s an interesting claim, since there are still 5 more resorts to re-open (and some of them are rather large). Makes me wonder if they’re over-staffing some resorts to train new cast members before re-opening the other resorts, or if “on par” just means that it’s close-ish. But I’m very excited that employment numbers are jumping back up as they work toward “normal”.  


It stinks when you get rejected. It stinks even more when you get rejected by a fictional character in a theme park, surrounded by a bunch of other people, as one woman recently learned. Laurel weighed in: I will never understand what goes viral (she claims via social media). But isn’t the correct reply “I’m looking for one as beautiful as me?”  


It came out this week that Disney will get millions in refunds from state and local taxing authorities after settling a 2015 legal dispute with the Orange County Property Appraiser’s Office over the fair market value of the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT and more. Find out the details according to the Orlando Sentinel.  


Last week, it was shared that Disney would be relocating a number of their California employees to a location in Lake Nona. According to this report, the company could claim more than $570 million in tax breaks over 20 years for the project, which would be among the largest in Florida history for a single corporation. Jennifer states: These kinds of tax deals are always sold as a win-win, but I think that historically they rarely work out as advertised for the state.  


This week, it was announced that there would be a new concert series on Disney+ featuring Billie Eilish. Will you be watching this one? (Hint…I won’t.)  

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  • July 23, 2021 at 9:17 am

    “on par” could be accurate for the facilities that are open, and not including those that are not yet open. If you play 14 holes of golf, par is not the same as playing 18 holes.


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