What We’re Talking About: Disney Movies We Want to See, Comcast Earnings, & More

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What We’re Talking About – Disney and Universal Orlando News and Rumors

One of the best things cartoon shorts that Disney has created are those Goofy How-To videos. There are some new ones coming to Disney+ and we learn more about these new and updated options of How to Stay at Home with such topics as mastering the skills of “How to Wear a Mask,” “Learning to Cook,” and “Binge Watching.”

Julia is excited about this: Hot take, I think that the Goofy “How to” shorts are probably the best thing that Disney has ever done in the world of animation. They’re so relatable and hilarious. When the How to Set Up Your Home Theater one came out a few years ago, I must have watched it a dozen times and it was funny every single time.

Yay! We have a date for the premiere of Hawkeye for Disney+. It debuts on November 24!

You know…I’d heard about this clause about box office earnings/streaming earnings and Scarlett Johansson before Black Widow came out and I was wondering what happened with it…looks like we found out. She is suing due to breach of contract. Will be curious to see what happens with this.

With the Jungle Cruise coming out this week, Slate looked at some movies that they would like to see created based on Disney attractions.

We may have created our own list:

Marc started off solid: River Country

Julia said: A time traveling movie with Carousel of Progress?

Laurel chimed in: Only if Uncle Orville is the hero of the story.

Ivonne said: Uncle Orville is the villain and the sister that only appears in act 1 of COP returns and kills him

Ivonne would also like to see: If it was still around I would have loved for them to adapt The Making of Me. Longer feature film. I want all the backstory. 

Julia then stated: When two people love each other….. 

And then things got weird when Julia said: Uncle Orville + Making of Me = “No Privacy At All Around Here”

Becky wants: Horror film based on it’s a small world

Julia has personal experience: Too accurate. Small world is a horror film at 3 AM if you’re alone on the ride.

Julia then rounded everything out: These ideas need synergy. Our Making of Me people meet at River Country and must escape the small world dolls. Along the way, they’re helped by the kindly time traveler from the Carousel of Progress.

And Marc has the kicker: And then they all go to the Food and Wine Festival.

I think we’re feeling a little punchy this week…..

Well, they are giving the Haunted Mansion movie yet another try. This time, they are talking about having it star Tiffany Haddish and LaKeith Stanfield. Look….it’s gotta be better than the Eddie Murphy version, right? No matter who is starring in it.

This week, we got to see the quarterly earnings for Comcast and how the theme parks have been doing. According to this article, Comcast and Universal Orlando Resort has released that theme parks revenue decreased by 33.1% to $619 million in the first quarter of 2021.

Joe chimes in about this news: This is a weird way to report what was actually said: attendance is back to 2019 levels and the whole division is profitable based on Universal Orlando alone.

What Are You Talking About?

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