What We’re Talking About: Lightyear, Main Street Electrical Parade, & More

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What We’re Talking About – Disney and Universal Orlando News and Rumors

The Disneyland Resort raised most daily ticket prices this week. Prices jumped 3% to 8%, with standard daily parking rates going up by 20%. The parks last raised ticket prices in February of 2020, shortly before the parks closed for 13 months due to the pandemic.

Bob said what we were all thinking: I would think it would be a headline if prices went DOWN…

Jennifer says: This is why Disney World has 19 different 1-day ticket prices for 2022, and releases new ticket prices 2-3 months at a time — it makes it a lot harder to write headlines like this.

It’s the parade that will never end. Yes it goes on and on my friend….this week, Disney teased that we haven’t seen the end of the Main Street Electrical Parade. Are you excited about its return or would you like to it finally retire for good?

Jennifer has a request: I’m happy for Disneyland.  Next, do Disney World.

John is excited: It would be terrific to see the Electrical Parade again! It one of my favorite memories from my first trip as a kid.

Disney has greenlighted an animated show about first responders from Craig Gerber, who also created both Sofia the First and Elena of Avalor. Firebirds is set to premiere next year on Disney Junior and Disney+ and follows team of young kids who are the children of first responders, along with their talking-vehicle sidekicks, as they embark on adventures together and learn what it truly means to be a hero.

Julia is only a little happy she won’t have to watch it: So. . . Paw Patrol meets Cars? I am sure kids will love it, but I’m so glad my kid has outgrown those kind of shows!

Neil is pleased with the development though: I’m glad to know that when my 2-year-old outgrows Paw Patrol, there will be something almost identical to take its place!

Julia replied: There always is…..always…..

This week, we got the teaser trailer for the upcoming Pixar film, Lightyear. The film comes out next summer and will tell the story of the man who inspired the toy. Of course, we have some thoughts.

John says: I have to say the animation in the trailer looks absolutely terrific! I’m very excited to see this movie. I’m also wondering how they are going to fit the Mrs. Nesbitt costume into the story line. (I too agree about Mrs. Nesbitt….) 

Neil is a little more on the fence: I don’t care how good this movie is, the idea of a gritty Buzz Lightyear origin story just sounds like a SNL skit to me.

Bob chimed in: Captain America plays Buzz Lightyear? This will be interesting.

Universal theme parks have had another profitable quarter as they continue to rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic. This is all according to an earnings report released this week.

Joe shares: This spells well for Epic Universe being built at full scale.

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4 thoughts on “What We’re Talking About: Lightyear, Main Street Electrical Parade, & More

  • October 29, 2021 at 8:41 am

    Do you think this means that the WDW parking fees will increase soon too – if so they need to make sure the parking lot trams start running soon!

  • October 29, 2021 at 8:52 am

    Anybody else think it’s a little shady that DLR raised parking fees 20% AFTER they released the magic key system? The only one with free parking is “sold out” and the two bottom tiers don’t include any parking benefit at all. Yikes.

  • October 30, 2021 at 12:01 pm

    I’ve always been mega excited to go to WDW in the past – my husband and I have booked three trips in the next 6 months now that we are allowed to go from the UK (they are the cancelled trips when we couldn’t go pushed on to other dates) . However, I’m getting fed up with all the cuts in services and extra expense. I know Disney is a company and needs to make a profit – and that the parks were closed for a while due to Covid, but I get the feeling that its not going to be the same when we go, that a lot of magic will be missing and I’m gutted. I accept that Covid is still around and there will inevitably be some changes. We probably won’t spend as many days in the WDW parks as we originally intended. Maybe other people are thinking the same and there will be a fall in numbers going to WDW so that they have to have a rethink but I’m not holding my breath. I know some people will go whatever the price. We are staying off property and are seriously thinking of getting Ubers to the parks so that we don’t have to walk that long walk back to our car – its not the expensive parking price – we have always paid for parking at WDW (except for the year we had annual passes). I know I keep going on about the parking lot trams but to some families, the tram ride is an attraction in itself. Virtual queues are fine and dandy but can everyone who wants to go on an attraction with a virtual queue actually get a place in the queue? Does it mean that people without smart phones (and I bet there are a few) can’t enjoy those attractions with virtual queues? OK rant over – going now to get my Disney T shirts out ready for our trip 🙂


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