What We’re Talking About: Muppets, Chevy, Injuries, and More

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This week, Dani shares her thoughts about the latest injury report, Joe discusses the interestingness of Chevrolet and Walt Disney World teaming up for the debut of Chevy’s new vehicle, and Julia is excited for Muppets. 

What We’re Talking About – Disney and Universal Orlando News and Rumors

This week marked the closing of the Hall of Presidents as we usher in a new one. Len spoke with MarketWatch about what he believes should be the future of the attraction. 

With the news that Disneyland’s Annual Passes going away, The Orlando Sentinel took a look at the status and frustrations that surround Walt Disney World’s Annual Pass set up currently. What are your thoughts about the current WDW system? 

Speaking of the cancellation of Disneyland Annual Passes, The OC Register takes a look at the program and why it may be a good thing (?) that they were all cancelled. 

This is weird, but also interesting. Chevrolet is teaming up with Walt Disney World to unveil the carmaker’s newest all-electric vehicles: The next-gen Bolt EV and all-new Bolt EUV.  

Joe also thinks this is odd. This is so weird and kinda old school. Wonder if we’ll see these at Test Track or as part of a new Minnie Van deployment.

The Walt Disney Company has revealed 2020 compensation for its top executives. Executive chairman Bob Iger made $21 million in total compensation, while CEO Bob Chapek, who became CEO in late February, made $14 million, according to reports

Another Disney Great, Dale Baer, who was an animator for five decades, passed away this week. A few of his credits include Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Lion King, The Emperor’s New Groove, The Princes and the Frog, and Zootopia.

It’s definitely time to play the music and it’s time to light the lights! That’s because The Muppet Show is returning; unfortunately it’s not tonight. But it is coming to Disney+ soon! All 5 seasons of the original show will soon find a home there in February. Are you excited? 

Julia is excited! Muppets!! Cannot like this enough — what’s really cool about The Muppet Show is that even though my tween daughter has no clue who many of the special guest stars are, the show itself is timeless enough that it still works all these years later. For a variety show to have that much staying power is really impressive.

The latest Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando injury report is out for the quarter. 

Dani shared her thoughts In regards to the theme park safety article in the Orlando Sentinel, I’m curious as to how many of the average visitors would read these reports or pay attention to them. Safety is absolutely paramount at any of the theme park, but accidents will happen. Overall theme parks seem safe although Volcano Bay has had some issues in the past that are of concern.

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4 thoughts on “What We’re Talking About: Muppets, Chevy, Injuries, and More

  • January 22, 2021 at 11:01 am

    @Len: The Hall of Presidents should not be closed, but they absolutely should retire the speaking role of the current president. When entering the Magic Kingdom, *every single guest* walks under a plaque that says “here you leave today…” Regardless of how you’ve felt about the then-sitting president over the last 28 years, hearing a speech from him yanked you right back into “today.” The HoP is about the presidency itself, not the current POTUS; they should just revert back to having the older presidents who don’t have baggage (Washington/Lincoln/etc) do the talking.

  • January 22, 2021 at 11:14 am

    Those are good ideas, Andy. I’m concerned that people will still make noises during the roll call.

  • January 22, 2021 at 12:27 pm

    I agree with Len. Some people won’t keep their opinions to themselves during the roll call.

    Besides, its an antiquated attraction that I have never seen full even in the middle of summer. The best use of the attraction right now is for a cool place to rest and take a short nap.

    In regards to the Chevy article, here is hoping that the partnership will change the Tomorrowland Speedway vehicles to electric vehicles and update the attraction.

  • January 22, 2021 at 6:40 pm

    Regarding HoP, I can see both sides. I, fortunately, have never been in there when someone has made comments during the roll call, but, I, too, would prefer the sitting POTUS not speak.. I DO like the current film. The first time I saw the current version, when they showed some of the crises certain presidents have led the country through, I couldn’t remember the “big crisis” during Clinton’s administration until the film showed the Murrah Federal Building in ruins. I’m from Oklahoma and felt the blast that day in ’95 and seeing that on the screen caught me off guard and caused me to tear up.


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