What We’re Talking About: Robots, Singalongs, and More

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This week, see what Dani feels about the Disney Holidays Singalong special that’s coming, I share my thoughts on a new bit of technology that is cool or creepy, and more!

What We’re Talking About – Disney and Universal Orlando News and Rumors

I don’t know what to say about this….this is either really cool or really creepy, depending on your take. CNN shared a video of a new robot that is actually supposed to look more lifelike and respond to human reactions. I want to know what you think though. I personally might go with the creepy option, but think it’s amazing how much technology has changed and that we are even here where they can do something like this.

Another shop has closed at Disney Springs. Tumi is no longer available for Guests to buy luggage or bags.

Yes! The Disney Holiday season will still go on! This year, they are bringing back the popular Disney Family Singalong that premiered earlier in the spring. This time, celebs will bring holiday songs to the special. Also we’ll be able to catch a “reimagined” Disney Parks Magical Christmas Day Celebration on Christmas Day. The special is still in the planning process but it’s expected to be a mix of highlights through the years, along with some new elements.

Dani shared her thoughts about the Family Singalong returning for the season: I’m excited to see how they do the singalong for the holidays. I enjoyed the original ones from the spring. 

Disney has shared a really fun craft that I know I can’t accomplish, but if you can, these would be so so cute! Learn how to make Mickey and Minnie pillows!!!

Ever wonder just how fast Universal Orlando got Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure built? It was definitely a lot shorter time frame than you think! They shared the details with the Orlando Sentinel. I know I was surprised. If you haven’t been on it, it’s an amazing coaster!

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