Wishables: Disney’s Newest Kawaii Collectible

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Cute alert! Disney has a new line of collectible plush toys that are simply adorable. Called Wishables, and retailing for $9.99 each, some of these toys are available in a mystery pack, while other versions can be purchased outside of a package so you know what you are getting. These items were available at Mouse Gear in Epcot today.

Among the different series are a Disney food collection.

And the non-mystery Mickey ice cream cone.

A Pirates of the Caribbean collection.

And the non-mystery Pirate’s dog with the key.

A Finding Nemo/Dory collection.

And a non-mystery Nemo.

And a Toy Story collection.

With a non-mystery Alien.

Non-mystery Minnie, Mickey, and Stitch versions are also available.

Truth told, if these had the ability to be a keychain to attach to a bag, I would have bought one or two of them today (seriously, the dog with the key is ADORABLE, as is the Mickey ice cream cone). As such, these are just small plush to help add to your cubicle collection… or to have a kid to play with.

What do you think about this new collection? Is the price too high for these? Do you prefer the mystery packs or would you like to know exactly what you’re getting? Let us know in the comments.

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