YouTube Roundup: Week of June 16, 2019

We’re back with another week of the Best of YouTube, featuring videos of the week on the TouringPlans YouTube channel, plus a flashback to one of your favorite videos.

Oga’s Cantina is one of the hottest tickets in Galaxy’s Edge. Brian takes us on a look inside the cantina and takes one for the team, reviewing some of the drinks available. Which drink numbs your tongue? Was the $75 beer flight worth it? Check out the video.

Speaking of Galaxy’s Edge, are these the droids you’re looking for? We’re explaining what you need to know about the Build a Droid experience.

Brian’s headed for a tour of Sapphire Falls at Universal Orlando. What surprised him most? Check out the video.

Who doesn’t love attraction ride-through video? Come along for a ride on Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree at Disney’s California Adventure.


Fire up the wayback machine! It’s time for a TouringPlans rewind. We’re headed back to 2017 Tokyo Disneyland for a look at a ton of cute and delicious food that you can find there. Tokyo Disneyland is such a bucket list item!

Got a suggestion for what you’d like to see in an upcoming video? Let us know in the comments.

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