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    687 Sports Bar on Disney Dream

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Disney Dream, Deck 4 Aft


Any time you see a venue with a dozen flat-screen TVs, there’s a good chance it’s a sports bar. On the Dream, this is 687, and the screens are set in rows above the bar, in a cluster at a far end of the room, and individually in some seating areas.

687’s bar is set in the middle of its rectangular floor. Four porthole windows across from the bar provide light during the day, and moss-colored couches beneath them work to separate the wall into group-sized partitions. The scarlet, green and gold carpet, painted burgundy and wood-panel walls give 687 a more masculine feel than either Diversions or O'Gill's, the sports bars on the Wonder and Magic.

Besides the couches, bar stools and tables are arranged around the room to provide good views of either set of televisions. A few leather-covered armchairs are also arranged around the screens and across from the couches. There’s plenty of room to stand between these, too, in case you want to just catch up on some scores. Couches arranged in some of 687’s corners provide some quieter spots to unwind.

We’ve spent a few evenings watching games at 687. The seating is comfortable and it’s easy to see and hear all the action on the screens. Because of the way the seating is arranged, however, we’ve found it more difficult to start conversations with other patrons, than at the sports bars on the Wonder. Try sitting at the bar if this is important to you.

Besides sporting events, 687 is the location for family activities during the day, including movie, music and sports trivia. A selection of board games is available in case you want to play rather than watch. Finally, 687 is usually the location where runners meet prior to debarking for the start of the Castaway Cay 5K run when the Dream is docked there.

687’s bar and table service is excellent. The menu is similar to that found at The District Lounge and includes both draft and bottled beer, cocktails, mixed drinks, spirits, champagne and wine by the glass and bottle, and coffees. Unique to 687’s menu is a selection of beer “cocktails” (called “Beercktails” on the menu, a word that no self-respecting adult will ever use) - mixes of beer, spirits and fruit juices. The most popular of these is the Baha Fog, which adds a shot of tequila to a glass of Corona beer and lime.

Comparing the Ships

687 is more upscale than Diversions on the Wonder and O'Gills on the Magic. While its seating makes it a little more closed off than either, it’s a posh place to catch up on the day’s highlights in relative quiet.