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    La Piazza on Disney Fantasy

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Disney Fantasy, Deck 4 Aft


The Venice-themed La Piazza is a bar near the front of the Europa section of Deck 4 Aft. La Piazza, appropriately, serves as the walkway to O’Gills and Ooh La La, whose entrances sit just off La Piazza; farther beyond is Skyline and The Tube, so you’ll walk by La Piazza on the way.

La Piazza’s bar sits in the middle of a bright circular room. Themed to an Italian carousel, its ceiling is decorated with hundreds of carousel lights. Around these are rose-colored bar stools; lining the wall are golden, high-backed, upholstered couches with small tables for drinks. The couches are separated, elevated and set into niches in the walls, making them good vantages from which to watch people walk between the clubs.

These couches are also good spots to watch La Piazza’s live entertainment, which has been an up-tempo jazz trio on each of our cruises. If you’re not into music, our favorite pastime at La Piazza takes place starting at 11 p.m., when we start to wager a round of drinks on the number of couples who will stop to take photos on La Piazza’s Vespa motorcycle-and-sidecar prop in the next 10 minutes. The over/under on that bet is usually 2.5, and the rules prohibit shouting encouragement to the ubriachi.

La Piazza’s bar menu features Italian beers, sparkling wines and liqueurs.

Comparing the Ships

Similar to The District Lounge on the Dream, La Piazza has a better drink menu, while The District Lounge has a better layout. Neither the Wonder nor Magic has a bar similar to La Piazza.