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Showtimes for Saturday, January 28, 2023

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8:30am The Bootstrappers
9:30am The Bootstrappers
10:20am Dapper Dans
10:30am The Bootstrappers
10:45am Storytelling at Royal Theatre
11:00am Dapper Dans
11:30am The Bootstrappers
11:45am Dapper Dans
11:45am Disneyland Band at Main Street, U.S.A.
12:00pm Storytelling at Royal Theatre
12:00pm Tale of the Lion King
12:00pm Main Street Piano Player
12:00pm Jambalaya Jazz
12:30pm Golden Horseshoe Piano Player
12:35pm The Bootstrappers
1:00pm Mickey and Friends Cavalcade
1:00pm Disneyland Band at Tomorrowland
1:00pm Main Street Piano Player
1:15pm Storytelling at Royal Theatre
1:15pm Tale of the Lion King
1:30pm The Bootstrappers
1:30pm Golden Horseshoe Piano Player
1:30pm Dapper Dans
1:55pm Pearly Band
2:00pm Main Street Piano Player
2:30pm Tale of the Lion King
2:30pm The Bootstrappers
2:30pm Golden Horseshoe Piano Player
2:40pm Pearly Band
3:00pm Storytelling at Royal Theatre
3:00pm Dapper Dans
3:00pm Main Street Piano Player
3:05pm Jambalaya Jazz
3:30pm Golden Horseshoe Piano Player
3:30pm Disneyland Band at Main Street, U.S.A.
4:00pm Jambalaya Jazz
4:15pm Storytelling at Royal Theatre
4:15pm Main Street Piano Player
4:30pm Dapper Dans
4:30pm Tale of the Lion King
4:30pm Disneyland Band at Main Street, U.S.A.
4:30pm Flag Retreat Ceremony
4:40pm Golden Horseshoe Piano Player
5:10pm Main Street Piano Player
5:20pm Dapper Dans
5:30pm Storytelling at Royal Theatre
5:30pm Golden Horseshoe Piano Player
5:45pm Tale of the Lion King
6:05pm Main Street Piano Player
6:30pm Golden Horseshoe Piano Player
9:35pm Wondrous Journeys

Note: Showtimes are updated nightly via and our own sources -- but schedules may change at any time.