Why didn't my post appear?

Lines Chat threads are limited to a maximum of 256 replies, after which the threads are automatically locked. Posts made to threads that are too large or threads that are locked do not appear, and after attempting such a post, you may see a related error message when looking at other pages in Lines.

Can I search through old Lines Chat posts?

No, there is not a search feature. Park policies and procedures change all the time, and Lines Chat is not meant to be an archive of all theme park information. Instead, Lines Chat is a quick-paced and interactive forum for sharing knowledge. If you have a question, ask it, and someone will provide a current answer. Do not worry about whether the question has been asked before.

How do I access Lines Chat on a computer?

The full Lines mobile app content (including Lines Chat) is available as a mobile web site at http://m.touringplans.com from any web browser. You may find that the Safari web browser works best for the mobile web site.

Whom do I contact with a question about Lines or Lines Chat?

Questions, feedback, and problem reports about the TouringPlans.com website or the Lines app should be directed to webmaster@touringplans.com

Please direct questions about Lines Chat to chat@touringplans.com.

Why did a particular thread or post get deleted or locked?

Simply put, the thread or post was removed because it was not consistent with one of the Lines Chat Rules/Guidelines. (Threads are also locked automatically when they reach a maximum number of replies. See the first question at the top of this page.)

In order to allow discussion to flow quickly, we do not require posts to be approved before they appear. Our expectation is that most customers will adhere to the rules, and that expectation is nearly always met.

Our moderation techniques are not perfect, and it is possible for rule-violating posts to get through on occasion. However, moderation is not executed preferentially or with malice, nor is it a reflection of a moderator's assessment of the poster's contributions to the community. Removal of a thread also does not mean that it was mean or offensive; please do not take moderation personally. Moderators are doing their best to enforce rules that make Lines Chat a welcoming and useful forum for sharing theme park knowledge.

Below are a few examples of posts/threads that have been subject to moderation in the past:

This is not a list of every sort of thread subject to moderation, but it's pretty easy to follow the rules: discuss theme parks and be excellent to each other.

For your convenience, the Lines Chat Guidelines are below. Everyone must agree to follow these guidelines before being able to post on Lines Chat.

Chat Guidelines

Lines Chat is a moderated forum.

By participating in Lines Chat, you agree to the Terms of Use and the following chat rules:

  1. Lines Chat is dedicated to discussing touring [specific] theme parks. Off-topic or conversations [unrelated to theme park vacations] will not be retained.
  2. All discussions and language must be both respectful of other Lines users and family-friendly. Posts with innuendo, double entendres and suggestive language will not be retained.
  3. While we strive to be a family-friendly site, TouringPlans is a commercial web site and, as such, intended for adults. We recommend that you always monitor the Internet use of minors.
  4. Posts which interfere with the operation or moderation of Lines Chat will not be retained.
  5. Lines moderators will make the final decision on whether any post, conversation or user complies with these guidelines or their intent.
  6. Posts which do not meet these guidelines will not be retained. In those cases, moderators may warn users about their posts, temporarily suspend users from Chat, or prohibit users from further use of Chat.
  7. If you feel a thread doesn't meet the Chat guidelines, take it up with a moderator (chat@touringplans.com), not with other posters. Telling another adult what to post or not online rarely goes over well and usually leads to further devolution of the thread in question. In other words, leave the moderating to the moderators.

Questions on these guidelines should be directed to chat@touringplans.com.

Last updated on July 7, 2014