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Disney World Crowd Calendar

Our Crowd Calendar shows how busy each Disney theme park every day of your trip, on a simple 1-to-10 scale. Using our crowd calendar, you'll be able to plan which park to visit each day to avoid crowds. You'll also see:

  • Each park's opening and closing times
  • The park's Extra Magic Hours schedule
  • Any special events that might affect your visit

We're so confident in our crowd predictions that we show yesterday's results - our predictions and what actually happened - in the How We Did section of the page for everyone to see.

If you're trying to decide when to visit Walt Disney World, the crowd calendar will show you how busy Disney is across different weeks, months and seasons.

Live Crowd Calendar Example
Jun 242018Sunday
8a/ 9a-10p
8a/ 9a-10:30p
Overall Resort: 6 - Average Crowds
Jun 252018Monday
8a/ 9a-10:30p
Overall Resort: 7 - Above Average

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Don't lose 4 hours in line!

Our touring plans are customizable step-by-step guides for seeing Disney World’s best attractions and minimizing your wait in line. These plans - and the amazing technology behind them - have been featured in the New York Times,, USA Today, The San Francisco Chronicle, and many more news outlets. We even got a U.S. patent for the technology.

Our touring plans will save you up to 4 hours in line versus families without a plan. 4 hours every day!

To get you started, we've created more than 150 touring plan templates covering Disney theme parks and water parks, for every kind of family. Every plan can be customized with:

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner reservations
  • Mid-day breaks for naps and rest
  • Fastpass+ ride reservations
  • Character autographs and photos
  • and more

Not sure how to use Disney's new FastPass+ ride reservation system? Our software will scan your custom touring plan and tell you exactly where to use Fastpass+ to save the most time in line.

When you're in the parks, you can follow your touring plan on your mobile phone. We'll even update your plan during the day if crowd conditions change. It's like having a GPS for Walt Disney World!

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Save $21 to $98 on your Walt Disney World tickets right now

Disney World sells more than 160 different kinds of admission tickets. That makes it difficult to find the least expensive way to see everything you want. If you've got kids under age 10, you'll probably have about a dozen different ticket options to consider for your family.

Trying to save money on Disney tickets? The good news is that there are Disney-authorized ticket wholesalers that sell Disney World tickets, some at a deep discount. The bad news is that you have to shop around. So that dozen ticket options that had to look at? It's probably closer to 80 now.

Overwhelmed? Don't give up. Our Ticket Calculator will find you the best. Try it out - it's free! You'll be saving money in seconds.

Want other money-saving tips? Save time in line? A $14.95 one-time payment gets you everything we've got.

Walt Disney World Tickets and Menus

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Know More at Walt Disney World Resort

Along with these trip planning tools, we've got hundreds of pages of travel advice including detailed ride reviews and on-board video, candid dining reviews from a professional chef, up-to-date, searchable menus and prices from every Disney restaurant, and Lines, our smartphone app rated #1 for Disney World in both iTunes and Google Play.

One of the first decisions you’ll have when booking a Disney World hotel room is which view to select. If you’re staying at the Yacht Club, for example, do any Garden View rooms have a view of the Stormalong Bay lazy river? If you’re on the monorail loop, does a Magic Kingdom View really improve your chances of seeing the Wishes fireworks? Is Savannah View at the Animal Kingdom Lodge worth the money?

To help you decide, we’ve spent the past year taking pictures of what you’ll see from the window of every Disney World hotel room – more than 30,000 individual photos. And they're all available here.

Why is choosing a room important? For one thing, you’re paying a premium to stay on-site. So consider these two photos, each of which is a room view you could get at random if you just let Disney make the decision for you. Don't leave your room view to chance. Find a great room and request it from Disney.

9106 home

Why request a specific room from Disney? At Disney's All-Star Sports Resort, it may mean the difference between Room 9106 (above), and Room 9306 (below) — just two floors above.

9306 home

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Disney Trip Planning Tools

Since 2001, Touring Plans has made trip planning tools to save time and money at Disney World. Disneyland, and Universal Orlando.
We are the #1 rated app for Disney World in both iTunes and Google Play.
Explore our features below!

Our 630,682 planners have made 20,196,117 touring plans as of 9:09am EDT today.

Touring Plans

A touring plan is a step-by-step guide showing when to visit each ride in a theme park to minimize your wait in line.

Your plan is customized to your specific travel dates, rides, meals, and breaks.

Your plan can be updated on your phone and in the park. You'll never get off track.


Disney World (Florida) - 140 touring plans

Disneyland (California) - 16 plans

Universal Orlando (Florida) - 18 plans

A good touring plan will save 4 hours in line on a busy day in Walt Disney World.

Create a Touring Plan

Crowd Calendars

Our crowd calendars show how busy every theme park will be, every day, for the next year.

You'll use the crowd calendar to decide which park to visit on each day of your trip.

Each park is rated on a 1 to 10 scale. 1 is the least crowded, and 10 is the most crowded.


Disney World Crowd Calendar

Disneyland Crowd Calendar

Universal Orlando Crowd Calendar

We show yesterday's predictions and actual crowd levels at the top of our calendar because we value openness and transparency. (And we're really confident in our predictions!)

This is Magic Kingdom's Liberty Square on a day with crowds rated "4":

Mk crowd level 04

And here's what the same spot looks like on a day with crowds rated "10":

Mk crowd level 10

FASTPASS Ride Reservations

FASTPASS is Disney's free ride reservation system. It works like a restaurant reservation: you make an appointment to ride a specific attraction at a specific time. When you arrive, you wait less than people without a reservation.

Your custom touring plan will show you the attractions where FASTPASS will save you the most time. It will also tell you the best reservation time.

If you already have FASTPASS reservations, your touring plan will incorporate them automatically.

FASTPASS works differently at Disney World and Disneyland, and Universal Orlando has its own system. Below are tips and advice for using FASTPASS at every park.

FastPass+ at Walt Disney World

FastPass+ Basics

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Tips

Epcot FastPass+ Tips

Hollywood Studios FastPass+ Tips

Animal Kingdom FastPass+ Tips

FASTPASS at Disneyland


Disneyland Park FASTPASS Tips

Disney California Adventure FASTPASS Tips

Universal Express at Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando's ride reservation system is called Universal Express.

Read more about Universal Express here.

Disney Ticket Discounts

Disney World Tickets

Disney World tickets are expensive, and the number of add-ons they offer can be confusing.

Use our Least Expensive Ticket Calculator to sort through all of your options and find the cheapest tickets for your trip. Most families save $20 to $110 on 4- and 5-day tickets.

Some reputable third-party wholesalers give you discounts of around 2% to 6% on your Disney tickets. We'll recommend them if they'll save your money.

Disneyland Tickets

Disneyland ticket pricing is simpler than Disney World.

Read our tips for Disneyland Ticket discounts here.

Universal Orlando Tickets

Get a good deal on Universal Orlando tickets.

Get Best Hotel Room

Some Disney hotel rooms are better than others, even if they cost the same.

We took 30,000 photos of the view you see at every Disney hotel room. (Yes - 30,000. It seemed like a good idea at the time.)

Then we built our Hotel Room View tool to help you find the perfect hotel room.

You can search for rooms that are close to the lobby and bus stops, or quiet rooms, or rooms with bunk beds, and more.

When you find a room that fits your needs, we'll show you the view from that room.

Then we'll automatically fax Disney a request for the room you want, 5 days before your trip. We can't make any guarantees, but we're confident this helps increase your chances of getting the exact room you request.

The view from room 9160 at Disney's All-Star Sports Resort is obscured by a giant baseball bat:
Orl001 9160

In contrast, room 9306 at Disney's All-Star Sports Resort has a nice view of the pool:
Orl001 9306

More Tools

We've got even more tools available. Here's a short list.

Walt Disney World


Universal Orlando

Disney Cruise Line

In fact, we wrote a book about it!

And we've got tons of information here, too:

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