Congressional Cemetery

Description And Comments

Congressional Cemetery is one of D.C.'s lesser-known final resting places, but contains the remains of some very important people. The gatehouse is at 1801 E St SE and is only about 3 blocks from the Stadium-Armory Metro station (Blue, Orange, Silver). Congressional Cemetery was begun in 1807 and is lined with beautiful brick pathways and 67,000 humble grave markers. Open from dawn to dusk, the 35 acre cemetery is so named because Congress bought several hundred sites in 1830 and built monuments to those who died in office. Although, according to the cemetery’s website, one does not have to be a member of Congress to be buried there, but you do have to be dead.

Several walking tours are available on their website or at the gatehouse. Some of those interred at Congressional Cemetery are 16 Senators, 68 members of the House of Representatives, and Vice Presidents Elbridge Gerry and George Clinton. John Philip Sousa and J. Edgar Hoover also made Congressional their final resting place. All of these important people, many little known, under such modest tombstones is a reminder of the sheer number of people it took to establish America.


1801 E St SE
Washington, D.C.
Southwest & Southeast D.C.