Albert Einstein Memorial

Description And Comments

In the front garden of the National Academy of Sciences building sits the Albert Einstein Memorial...literally. The 12-foot high bronze representation of Einstein is seated on marble steps browsing a pad with three of Einstein's most important scientific contributions: the photoelectric effect, the theory of general relativity, and the equivalence of energy and matter.

At his feet is a star field made of granite and metal bits that represents the accurate celestial position at the statue’s dedication in 1979. While the memorial is impressive and well made, if we’re being honest the best thing about it is that visitors are encouraged to interact with it. What that means is that you should allot a few minutes for photos of your party in Einstein’s lap, kissing his cheek, or perched on his shoulder like a parrot. It’s really more amusing than it sounds.


2101 Constitution Ave NW
Washington, D.C.
The Mall
Foggy Bottom



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