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    Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea Show Lottery

The popular shows Mickey's Magical Music World in Tokyo Disneyland, and Big Band Beat in DisneySea use a free ticket lottery system to guarantee entry. Occasionally the special seasonal shows at both parks will also make use of the show lottery.

In Tokyo Disneyland, the lottery entry location is located in a building to the left of Space Mountain in Tomorrowland. In DisneySea, it is located near Gondolier Snacks in Mediterranean Harbor. To enter, input your party size and then scan your ticket. Now here’s where the lottery portion of the deal comes in, the screen will then tell you if you’ve “won” or not. If you win a ticket will be printed out with your seat number and show time. If you don’t win you will not be able to enter the ticket lottery again for that day. For Big Band Beat, there may be some stand-by seating available, so you should get in line at the Broadway Theater in American Waterfront about an hour before show time. If you don’t win the lottery and there is no stand-by seating available, you will not be able to see the show.

Important Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea Show Lottery Facts

  • You can only enter a show lottery one time per day, per show, per park. That means if you don't win a seat at Big Band Beat, you can go to Tokyo Disneyland and enter again for a chance at Let's Party Gras.
  • You're allowed to enter the show lottery up to 30 minutes before the performance.
  • The show lottery computers do have an English option available on-screen.
  • You must have all the park tickets of the people in your party and enter the lottery at the same time. If not, you won't be seated together, or your other party members may not win the lottery, and miss the show.
  • If you win, a ticket will be printed out that lists your show time and seat number. Each person in your party who entered the lottery will receive a ticket.
  • Your park ticket needs to be scanned by a cast member before you enter the venue.

Last updated by Guy Selga on May 9, 2022