How do I get Lines?

Note that we only officially support iPhone and Android. Results may vary on other phones and devices!

I'm having trouble logging in!

  1. Make sure to enter your username correctly. Some smartphones and tablets (especially Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad) at times automatically insert your email address as the username. When logging on to Lines, delete that and enter your actual username.
  2. Make sure JavaScript is turned on (iPhone) Go to Settings, click on Safari, and turn 'Javascript' on.
  3. Make sure your phone is accepting cookies (iPhone) Go to Settings, click on Safari, click on Accept Cookies, and flip to 'From visited' or 'Always'.
  4. Make sure you're using the default browser (BlackBerry) BlackBerry devices can have multiple browsers. Make sure you're using the "BlackBerry" browser that ships with your device.
  5. Make sure stylesheet support is turned on (BlackBerry) Open the BlackBerry Browser. Bring up the options screen, go to Options > Browser Configuration, then select Support Style Sheets. Finally, Save Options.
  6. Try logging out, and then logging back in (All) Try navigate to on your smartphone to log out. Then log back in again.

How does Lines work?

Read our announcement blog post.

You don't support my phone!

We currently only support iPhone and Android devices. Send us email if we don't support your phone yet!

I still can't get Lines to work!

Email us! Please include your phone type and your username, and describe your issue as best as you can!