Our newest book has more than 560 full-color photos from all around Walt Disney World, covering everything from recreation, restaurants and parades, to families having fun just goofing around the parks. (All we’re saying is y’all seem to be particularly fond of both turkey legs and funny-looking hats.)

The Color Companion proves that a picture is worth 1,000 words. In it you’ll see how wet you'll get on Splash Mountain, what the crowd conditions are at different times of day in Fantasyland, and how the parks are decked out for various holidays. You'll find reviews of all the Walt Disney World® resorts, including pictures of the guest rooms, swimming pools, and resort themes. Attractions, resorts, and restaurants are rated based on surveys of thousands of Walt Disney World® guests

In addition there are pictures of all the attractions, the water parks, Downtown Disney, the Wide World of Sports, and Disney shopping, making the book a perfect keepsake. The Color Companion is a complete guide but is designed to work in conjunction with The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, the most comprehensive coverage of Walt Disney World in print.

Along with the gorgeous photos, the Color Companion gives free rein to our team’s slightly offbeat sense of humor.  This review of one infamous Magic Kingdom attraction is an example: 

Mad Tea Party

It looks so cute – oversized tea cups!  Inside every extra-large tea cup, however, is a metal wheel of death.  Okay, not “death” in the literal sense, but the Guide’s marketing reps note that “metal wheel of gastrointestinal discomfort” isn’t as catchy.  And our lawyers say the aesthetics justify the hyperbole.

The faster you spin the metal wheel, the faster your tea cup spins about its central axis.  And while your cup is spinning around its central axis, it's also spinning in a larger circle with two other cups.  And all of the cups are spinning on one giant orbit around the middle of the ride.  It’s circles within circles within circles.  Needless to say, the row of green hedges you see around the outside of the ride are there for you to throw up on afterward. We write from experience.  Sad, sad experience.  Whatever you do, don’t go on this ride with anyone to whom you’ve helped give birth.

We hope our love of the parks is evident in this new book, and we think the Color Companion's upbeat style is a perfect complement to The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World's focus on saving time and money.