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2012 Unofficial Guide Titles

The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2012
The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World with Kids 2012
The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland 2012
The Unofficial Guide Color Companion to Walt Disney World - 2nd Edition

Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2012

Part 1 - Planning Before You Leave Home

Page 22 - We state that there is a Crowd Calendar for Universal Orlando at TouringPlans.com. This is incorrect. TouringPlans.com only has Crowd Calendars for Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

Page 31- In the section titled "The Downside of Off-Season Touring" change the fifth sentence to read:

Even when crowds are small, it's difficult to see big parks such as the Magic Kingdom between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Part 2 - Making the Most of Your Time and Money

Page 45 - The Unofficial Tip on this page should read: "Try touringplans.com's Ticket Calculator before your trip to Walt Disney World - it's free and considers almost all of the different ticket options."

Page 47 - Change the first full paragraph on this page to:

Disney says that Base Tickets within 14 days of the first day of use. In practice, they really mean 13 days after the first date the ticket is used. If, say, you purchase a four-day Base Ticket on June 1 and use it that day for admission to the Magic Kingdom, you’ll be able to visit a single Disney theme park on any of your thirteen remaining days between June 2 and June 14. After that, the ticket expires and any unused days will be lost.

Page 79 - Walt Disney World began enforcing FASTPASS return time windows in March 2012. Now you must return within the actual window printed on the FASTPASS. You have a 15 minute grace period after the end of the window to return to experience the attraction. Disneyland in California still allows for returns any time in the day after the beginning of the return window.

Part 3 - Accommodations

Page 113 - Room quality chart (Disney hotels) : Treehouse Villas is listed as "studios." All Treehouses are 3-BR villas.

Page 116 - The DDV Guest Occupancy limits shown at the bottom of this page should read:

DDV guest-occupancy limits: studios, 4 persons; one-bedroom, 5 at Old Key West, Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village and some Jambo House, 4 everywhere else; 2-bedroom, 9 at Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village and Bay Lake Tower, 8 everywhere else; 3-bedroom, 9 at Saratoga Springs Treehouse Villas, 12 everywhere else.

Page 117 - The Wilderness Lodge Villas do not have a "Grand Villa" option.

Page 138 - In the description of the Poly's bathrooms, delete the first full paragraph which begins "Bathrooms are well-designed." There's a second paragraph right below this, which is an almost entire duplicate of the first. The second paragraph is correct.

Page 145 - In the third paragraph of the Contemporary Resort's review, which begins with “Disney has announced a new room category -- delete the entire paragraph (Disney cancelled the project) except for the last sentence, which begins "While we think the Contemporary is fabulous..." Make that sentence the start of the paragraph.

Page 146 - In the section on Bay Lake Tower, we’re missing a paragraph between the 3rd and 4th paragraphs in this section. The third paragraph describes the studio room, while the 4th paragraph describes the 2-bedroom. There’s a missing paragraph which describes the 1-bedroom setup. Here it is: The 1-bedroom villa sleeps 5 and provides a formal kitchen, a second bathroom and a living room in addition to the studio bedroom. The living room’s chair and sofa fold out to provide beds for 3 more people.

Page 147 - In the first full paragraph on the page, change the first sentence to “The two-story Grand Villas sleep 12 and include four bathrooms, the same master bedroom layout, and two bedrooms with two queen beds apiece.”

Page 153 - We state that at the Beach Club there are "Standard-view rooms with full balconies facing the woods and Epcot." These were reclassified as the more expensive Garden view.

Page 170- The last paragraph on this page, which discusses Old Key West’s room furnishings, should read: This resort offers some of the roomiest accommodations at Walt Disney World. Studios are 376 square feet; one-bedroom villas, 942; and two-bedroom villas, 1,333. Studios contain two queen-size beds, a table and two chairs, and an extra vanity outside the bathroom. One-bedroom villas have a king-size bed in the master bedroom, a queen-size sleeper sofa and fold-out chair in the living room, a laundry room, and a full kitchen. Two-bedroom villas feature a king-size bed in the master bedroom, a queen-size sleeper sofa and fold-out chair in the living room, and two queen beds in the second bedroom. All villas have enough closet space to contain your entire wardrobe. Studios and villas are tastefully decorated with wicker and upholstered furniture and peach and light-green color schemes. Each villa has a private balcony that opens onto a delightfully landscaped private courtyard.

Page 180- Change the first full paragraph on this page to read: Both Jambo House and Kidani Village have studios and one-, two-, and three-bedroom villas. Most rooms at Kidani Village are larger, however, and the difference is anywhere from 50 square feet for a studio to more than 200 square feet for a two-bedroom unit. (The three-bedroom Grand Villas at Jambo House, 148 square feet larger than those in Kidani Village, are the exception.) Because of the difference in area, one-bedroom units in Kidani Village can accommodate up to five people and two-bedroom units can hold up to nine through the inclusion of a sleeper chair in the living room. At Jambo House, the one-bedroom “value” rooms sleep four, while the standard, savannah and club-level rooms sleep 5.

Page 183 - Change the second full paragraph in this second on Coronado Springs to read: Disney has converted Cabana 9B to Club Level rooms, with access to a private lounge for serving breakfast and snacks throughout the day. These rooms cost around $100–$130 more than standard rooms, per night, depending on the season.

Part 4 - Serenity Now!

Page 276 - The Spa at Disney's Grand Floridian closed for an 18 month refurbishment in September 2011. It will reopen in early 2013.

Part 5 - The Mouse at Sea

Page 283 - Disney Wonder AK cruise itineraries depart/arrive Seattle OR Vancouver (mostly Vancouver).

Part 6 - Walt Disney World with Kids

Page 327 - We state that there is a minimum age of 3 to experience Maelstrom. There is no minimum age, nor height requirement.

Part 10 - Dining

Page 443 - Counter service mini-profiles - The profile for Cheshire Cafe is found on our site.

Page 447 - Counter service mini-profiles - Yakitori House is now Katsura Grill.

Page 479 - We list Liberty Tree Tavern as a character meal at dinner. This is no longer true. Liberty Tree Tavern is still a la carte at lunch and family style (without characters) at dinner.

Page 497 - We state Yachtsman Steakhouse is open for lunch. Yachtsman is only open for dinner.

Part 11 - Magic Kingdom: Fantasyland

Page 501 - There are 2 31s on the map. The one that is on the right side of the map in Tomorrowland is Space Mountain, not Princess Fairytale Hall, and should be marked 33 instead.

Part 11 - Magic Kingdom: Adventureland

Page 505 - Tiki Room description typo, fire was January 2011, not 2010.

Page 518 - The average wait in line per 100 guests ahead of you for It’s a Small World is 3 ½ minutes.

Page 534 - The last sentence in the section titled Wishes Fireworks Cruise should read: Because the Disney reservations system counts days in a somewhat atypical manner, we recommend phoning about 185 days out to have a Disney agent specify the exact morning to call for reservations.

Part 12 - Epcot

P. 547 The first two sentences in the Operating Hours section should read: Epcot has two themed areas : Future World and World Showcase. Each has its own operating hours. Though schedules change throughout the year, Future World always opens before World Showcase in the morning. While most of Future World’s attractions stay open until the entire park closes, a few close around 7 p.m. most of the year.

Page 550 - We state that guests can take a bus from Downtown Disney to Epcot. This is not correct. There is no bus service to the parks from Downtown Disney. The quickest way to Future World from the Epcot resorts is to walk through the International Gateway. Another option is to bus to Magic Kingdom and then monorail from the Ticket and Transportation Center to Epcot. Sometimes guests will attend morning Extra Magic Hours at Magic Kingdom, take the monorail to Epcot and still arrive in time for Epcot's opening.

Page 554 - Please see our attraction information page for reader ratings and height requirements for The Sum of All Thrills.

Page 569 - We state that there is a minimum age of 3 to experience Maelstrom. There is no minimum age, nor height requirement.

Part 13 - Disney's Animal Kingdom

Page 584 - Change the Animal Kingdom's intro section's 4th thru 6th paragraphs to these: The Animal Kingdom’s opening was seen as Disney taking dead aim at Busch Gardens in Tampa, a theme park known for its exceptional zoological exhibits, and who had seen a marked increase in attendance in the 1990’s with the addition of numerous thrill rides. Up to that time, Disney had preferred the neatly controlled movements of audioanimatronic animals to the unpredictable behaviors of real critters.

Unfortunately for Disney, however, the combination of creative natural-habitat zoological exhibits and coasters developed by Busch Gardens became immensely popular, and as any student of the Walt Disney Company can attest, there’s nothing like a successful competitor to make the Disney folks change their tune. So, all the press releases aside, Disney’s Animal Kingdom was designed as a combination of natural-habitat zoological exhibits and thrill rides. Big surprise!

Even if the recipe was copied, the Disney version served up more than its share of innovations, particularly when it comes to the wildlife habitats. For starters, there’s lots of space, thus allowing for the sweeping vistas that Discovery Channel viewers would expect in, say, an African veldt setting. Then there are the enclosures, natural in appearance, with few or no apparent barriers between you and the animals. The operative word, of course, is apparent. That flimsy stand of bamboo separating you from a gorilla is actually a neatly disguised set of steel rods imbedded in concrete. The Imagineers even took a crack at certain animals’ stubborn unwillingness to be on display. A lion that would rather sleep out of sight under a bush, for example, is lured to center stage with nice, cool, climate-controlled artificial rocks.

Page 589 - Change the first paragraph of the “Operating Hours” section to read: The Animal Kingdom’s opening time corresponds to that of the other parks. Thus, you can expect a 9 a.m. opening during less busy times of the year and an 8 a.m. opening during holidays and high season. Animal Kingdom usually closes well before the other parks—as early as 5 p.m., in fact, during off-season. More common is a 6 or 7 p.m. closing.

Page 590 - Change the second full paragraph to read: Evening Extra Magic Hours are another story. In early 2011, Disney quietly changed Animal Kingdom’s schedule so that it no longer included evening Extra Magic Hours. As we went to press, no evening hours were scheduled through August 2012, including holidays and other days of peak attendance. We’re not sure whether this is a temporary cost-cutting move or a permanent change; your best bet is to check the Disney website as you plan your visit.

Page 597 - Change the intro paragraph for Rafiki’s Planet Watch to: Rafiki’s Planet Watch isn’t really a “land,” and not really an attraction either. Our best guess is that Disney uses the name as an umbrella for Conservation Station, the petting zoo, and the environmental exhibits accessible from Harambe via the Wildlife Express Train. Presumably, Disney hopes that invoking Rafiki (a beloved character from The Lion King) will stimulate guests to make the effort to check out things in this far-flung outpost of the park.

Page 606 - To their credit, Disney is not afraid to keep Dinosaur a dark, fast ride. A mother from Kansasville, Wisconsin, liked it a lot, commenting:

DINOSAUR is the best ride at WDW. Our group of 10, ranging in age from 65 (grandma) to 8 (grandson), immediately—and unanimously!—got back in line immediately after finishing.

Page 611 - With so many guests heading first thing for either Kilimanjaro Safaris in Africa or Expedition Everest in Asia, the remaining lands and attractions are lightly trafficked backwaters until late morning. As the day wears on, the masses who have experienced Kilimanjaro Safaris and Expedition Everest turn their attention to other shows and attractions, and the crowds become more equally distributed. Less-popular attractions don’t experience high traffic until 11:30.

Part 14 - DHS, Universal and SeaWorld

Page 619 - In the section titled "Disney's Hollywood Studios in the Evening" - change the first sentence to read: Because DHS can be seen in as little as 8 hours, many guests who arrive early in the morning run out of things to do by 5 p.m. or so and leave the park.

Also change the second paragraph of this section to read: DHS is the home to Fantasmic! (see page 622), arguably the most spectacular nighttime-entertainment event in the Disney repertoire. Staged at least twice weekly, weather permitting (three to seven plus times a week during busier times), in its own theater behind The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Fantasmic! is rated as not to be missed. Unfortunately, evening crowds increase substantially when Fantasmic! is performed; some guests stay longer at DHS, and others arrive after dinner from other parks expressly to see the show. Although the crowds thin in the late afternoon, they build again as performance time approaches, making Fantasmic! a challenge to get into. Also adversely affected are the Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster and, to a lesser extent, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, both situated near the entrance to Fantasmic! The crowd levels throughout the remainder of the park, including Toy Story Mania, are generally light.

Page 619 - Delete the Unofficial Tip which reads “A drawback to touring DHS at night is that there won’t be much activity on the production soundstages.”

Page 622 - Change The Great Movie Ride’s touring tips to this: It’s rare to see a wait of more than 30 minutes at Great Movie Ride except during Christmas. Part of the reason is that it’s an interval-loading, high-capacity attraction, and part of the reason is that the films shown are probably not relevant to anyone under age 40. For what it’s worth, actual wait times usually run about one-third shorter than the time posted.

Page 623 - Change the first paragraph in Fantasmic’s touring tips to: Touring tips As a day-capping event, Fantasmic! is to the Studios what IllumiNations is to Epcot. While it’s hard to imagine running out of space in a 10,000-person stadium, it happens almost every time the show is staged. On evenings when there are two performances, the second show will always be less crowded. If you attend the first (or only) scheduled performance, then show up at least an hour in advance. If you opt for the second show, arrive 50 minutes early.

Page 625 - Change the first few sentences of Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster’s description and comments to: When it opened in 1999, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster was Disney’s answer to the thrill-ride proliferation at Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Busch Gardens theme parks. Exponentially wilder than Space Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain in the Magic Kingdom, Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster is an attraction for fans of high-speed thrill rides.

Page 626 - Change the last paragraph of Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster’s touring tips to: A good strategy for riding both Tower of Terror and Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster with minimum waits is to rush first thing after opening to Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster and obtain Fastpasses, then line up for the Tower of Terror. Most days, by the time you finish experiencing the Tower of Terror, it will be time to use your Fastpass for Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster. If the Tower of Terror, the Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster, and the popular Toy Story Mania! are all must-sees for you, check out our recommendations for how to experience all three in our Toy Story Mania! touring tips.

Page 627 - Change the 4th paragraph of Tower of Terror’s description and comments to read: The Tower of Terror is an experience to savor. Though the final plunges (yep, plural) are calculated to thrill, the meat of the attraction is its extraordinary visual and audio effects. There’s richness and subtlety here, enough to keep the ride fresh and stimulating after many repetitions. Disney has also programmed random “lift and drop” sequences into the mix, making the attraction faster and keeping you guessing about when, how far, and how many times the elevator will fall. In addition to random sequencing, visual and auditory effects are incorporated into the attraction.

Page 629 - Change the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular touring tips to: The Stunt Theater holds 2,000 people; capacity audiences are common. The first performance is always the easiest to see. If the first show is at 10 a.m. or earlier, you can usually walk in, even if you arrive 5 minutes late. For the second performance, show up about 15–20 minutes ahead of time. For the third and subsequent shows, arrive 20-30 minutes early. If you plan to tour during late afternoon and evening, attend the last scheduled performance. If you want to beat the crowd out of the stadium, sit on the far right (as you face the staging area) and near the top.

Page 630 - Change the Jedi Training Academy’s special comments to “To sign up your children to go on stage, visit the Sounds Dangerous building early in the morning; spots are first-come, first-served.”

Also change the Description and Comments to: Jedi Training Academy is staged several times daily to the left of the Star Tours building entrance, opposite Backlot Express. If you want your Young Skywalkers-in-training to appear on stage, visit the sign-up area at Sounds Dangerous (across from Star Tours) as early in the morning as possible. Spots go quickly and are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Once on stage, these miniature Jedi are trained in the ways of The Force and do battle against Darth Vader. If all this sounds too intense, it’s not—Storm Troopers provide comic relief and, just as in the movies, the good guys always win.

Change the touring tips to: Surprisingly popular, given Disney hasn’t promoted it to the same level of hype as other shows. If you plan to watch during summer afternoons, grab drinks at Backlot Express right next door about 20 minutes before the show starts.

Page 631 - Delete the last sentence of Star Tours’ description and comments, which begins “Because of this, we expect…”

Page 632 - It is stated that children must be at least 4 to play at the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids playground. The only restriction is that it is recommended that children be 10 and under to experience this attraction.

Page 633 - Lights, Motors, Actions - we recommend the first showtime or after 4PM. Many days there are only 2 shows total.

Page 633 - Change the touring tips for Jim Henson’s Muppet-Vision 3-D to read: This production is popular, but the theater’s capacity is almost always sufficient. Waits peak around lunchtime, and it’s unusual to see a wait of more than 20 minutes except during holidays. Watch for throngs arriving from performances of the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! If you encounter a long line, try again later.

Page 637 - Change the description of Mickey Avenue to this: Designated as a new themed area in 2011, Mickey Avenue hosts one minor attraction along the pedestrian promenade that connects Pixar Place and the Animation Courtyard.

Page 637 - Narnia exhibit closed September 10. May be replaced by John Carter walkthrough.

Page 638 - Change the Touring Tips for Disney Junior - Live on Stage to this: The show is staged in a huge building to the right of the Animation Tour. Show up at least 25 minutes before showtime. Once inside, pick a spot on the floor and take a breather until the performance begins.

Page 640 - Change the touring tips for Voyage of the Little Mermaid to: Except during the busiest holiday periods, it’s unusual for anyone in line not to be admitted to the next showing of Mermaid. Typical waits are under 25 minutes most of the year. When you enter the preshow lobby, stand near the doors to the theater. When they open, go inside, pick a row of seats, and let 6–10 people enter the row ahead of you. The strategy is twofold: to obtain a good seat and be near the exit. Finally, a Charlotte, North Carolina, mom took exception to our fright-potential assessment of Voyage of the Little Mermaid:

The Guide let me down on the Little Mermaid show at DHS—the huge sea witch portrayed in laser lights, cartoon, and live action TERRIFIED my 3-year-old. The description of the show led me to believe it was all sweetness and romance with no scariness.

Page 640 - Change the intro paragraph for the “Live Entertainment at Disney’s Hollywood Studios” section to: The Studios live entertainment includes theater shows, musical acts, roaming bands of street performers, a daily afternoon parade, and Fantasmic!, a nighttime water, fireworks and laser show that draws rave reviews. Of these, the theater shows, musical acts and street performers are generally as good or better than comparable acts found at the other Disney theme parks. You can read on for the details, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you to catch a show of “Mulch, Sweat and Shears,” a group of landscaping “brothers” who form a rock ‘n’ roll cover band playing everything from AC/DC to Journey. Guests standing near the front may be invited into the act.

Page 641 - Change the “Disney Channel Rocks!” review to this: We can’t fault Disney for trying to cash in on the success of its movie franchises, including High School Musical, The Cheetah Girls, and Camp Rock. The performers sing and dance their way through songs from Disney’s original movies and TV shows with an enthusiasm suggesting they all had Mountain Dew for breakfast (and we mean that in a good way). Problem is, Disney doesn’t give them anything in the way of a venue or script to work with. Their stage is essentially a repurposed parade float on which some lights and colored tape have been strung. The performers’ singing and dancing are wasted on the show designer’s lack of creativity. We’re holding out for a Phineas and Ferb rock opera (ideally released on the medium God intended: a vinyl double album).

Page 642 - In the “Before You Go” section, change item #4 to this: The schedule of live entertainment changes from week to week and even from day to day. Review the handout daily Times Guide, available free throughout Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Page 649 - The JAWS ride at Universal Studios Florida has closed.

Page 651 - The JAWS ride at Universal Studios Florida has closed.

Page 652-653 - The JAWS ride at Universal Studios Florida has closed.

Page 661 - The JAWS ride at Universal Studios Florida has closed.

Page 669 - The JAWS ride at Universal Studios Florida has closed.

Page 790 - The JAWS ride at Universal Studios Florida has closed.

Page 811 - The JAWS ride at Universal Studios Florida has closed.

Page 830 - The JAWS ride at Universal Studios Florida has closed.

Page 838 - The JAWS ride at Universal Studios Florida has closed.

Part 18 - Shopping at WDW

Magic Kingdom

Page 754 - Engine Co. 71 Firehouse Gifts is no longer a gift shop.

Downtown Disney

Page 753 - Harley Davidson is no longer at Pleasure Island; it has moved to DTD Westside. Apricot Lane is in its old location.

Page 753 - Magnetron in DTD Westside closed Sept. 30. It is replaced with Blink by Wet Seal.

Downtown Disney map

Page 746 - babycakesnyc and Fresh-A-Peel are at #19 with Pollo Campero

Subject Index

Pages 789-790 - These pages were switched with pages 791-792 at the printer in the first printing. Subsequent reprints will correct this.

Pages 792-793 - These index pages were omitted from some printings. Click here for the missing pages.

Appendix - Touring Plans

Page 830-833 - We state under the Universal, Islands of Adventure, Blizzard Beach, and Typhoon Lagoon touring plans that you can access wait times for these parks via Lines. This is a misprint. Wait times are only available for the 4 major Walt Disney World theme parks at this time.

Page 843 - We state that there is a minimum age of 3 to experience Maelstrom. There is no minimum age, nor height requirement.

Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World with Kids 2012

Part 2 - Getting Your Act Together

Page 41 - The Mobile Magic app is listed as costing $9.99 for 180 days. It is now free.

Page 56 - The Crowd Calendar is not free of charge on this web site.

Page 71 - The Harmony Barbershop on Main Street no longer offers the glitter hair treatment. If you are looking for a pixie-dusted coif, your choices are a trip to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (ages 3-12 only) or a trip down the school supplies aisle at Office Depot.

Part 3 - Where to Stay

Page 79 - All Star Music and the Art of Disney Animation Resorts also offer family suites with kitchenettes. The kitchenettes have a microwave, refrigerator, and sink.

Page 87 - If you give your mobile number to the front desk, they will text you when your room is ready.

Page 97 - Registration at Old Key West is at the Hospitality House, not Conch Flats.

Page 97 - With the completion of the Treehouse Villas, the expansion of Saratoga Springs is complete.

Page 99 - Reader comments state that Pop Century is the same cost as the All-Star Resorts. It is now marginally more expensive ($5-10/night) for most of the year in 2012.

Part 4 - Dining

Page 140 - Disney has revised its policy for deposits and cancelations of character meals and Signature Dining. See the TouringPlans.com blog for more information.

Page 145 - Tusker House is now a character buffet for every meal, not just breakfast.

Page 157 - Counter service mini-profiles - The profile for Cheshire Café is found on our site.

Page 165 - There is no longer character dining at Liberty Tree Tavern.

Page 168 - Please refer to Disney Dining Plan section of TouringPlans.com for the latest prices of the meal plans.

Page 181 - The second half of the full-service dining chart is missing. Click here for the entire chart.

Part 6 - Get in the Boat, Men!

Page 233 - Toy Story Mania! is also a bottleneck attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios (first paragraph).

Page 244 - We state that there is a minimum age requirement for Maelstrom and the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure. There is no minimum age nor height requirement for either attraction.

Page 249 - Please refer to the TouringPlans.com blog for important information about character dining policies.

Page 251 - Tusker House is now a character buffet for every meal, not just breakfast.

Page 257 - It is also possible to rent a stroller that is delivered and picked up from your resort from several Orlando-area companies. These tend to be priced less expensively than renting from Disney. Google is your friend in locating these companies.

Unofficial Guide to Disneyland 2012


Page 13 - In the first paragraph on the page we incorrectly refer to Disneyland Drive as "Downtown Drive."

Page 13 - Kennels are located next to the entrance to Disneyland Park. You do need to walk your dogs, as Cast Members are not permitted to touch pets. Grass areas are sparse, heads up! More information can be found on the Disneyland web site.

Part 1 - Planning Before You Leave

Page 24 - In addition to conventions, there are other gatherings you may want to know about (or participate in!) before your trip to Disneyland. They attraction thousands of visitors.
These include:
January 27-29, 2012 - Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend - Disneyland's first women-centric running event - more info at RunDisney.
May 18-20, 2012 - Bats Day. Goth day at Disneyland - more info at www.batsday.net.
August 31 - September 2, 2012 - Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend - more info at RunDisney.
October 5-7, 2012 - Gay Days Anaheim, sister event to Orlando Gay Days - more info at www.gaydaysanaheim.com.

Page 32 - The "Main Parking Garage" on the map should be labeled as "Mickey & Friends" Parking Structure.

Page 64 - The address of the Doubletree Anaheim Guest Suites is 2085 South Harbor Blvd.

Part 1 - Planning Before You Leave Home

Page 60 - We list the Ramada Limited at 921 S. Harbor Blvd. as our number one best value for Disneyland area accommodations. This is incorrect. We no longer recommend that hotel due to deterioration of that end of Harbor Blvd. in general. This does not apply to the other Ramada locations around Disneyland.

Part 2 - Essentials

Page 97 - In the section "Car Trouble," it is stated that security patrols parking areas and flag them down for assistance. You can also locate blue lights in the parking structure to access intercom to security desk for immediate dispatch.

Page 97 - In the section "Lost and Found," this is located near the bathrooms, west of California Adventure entrance, not in the Esplanade.( Lost items can take several hours to be turned in here, so visit later in the day.)

Page 99 - Kennels - Kennels are located next to the Disneyland Park entrance, and require that you walk your own pet. Kennels open 30 minutes prior to park opening, and close 30 minutes after park closing. More information can be found on the Disneyland web site.

Part 4 - Dining and Shopping In and Around Disneyland

Page 174 - We mention the Flying Dutchman at Blue Bayou as a "Must Try." This is no longer on the menu.

Page 178 - Vendor treats - the price of a turkey has gone up to $8.99 at the Disneyland Resort (!).

Page 179-180 - There are some additional counter service options at Disney California Adventure since the time of printing:
Corn Dog Castle is near Goofy's Sky School and serves corn dogs, cheese dogs and hot links.
Bayside Brews is located across from Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta next to Jumpin' Jellyfish and serves several beers on tap as well as Mickey Mouse shaped soft pretzels.
Check our Disney California Adventure dining page for the latest on dining options in this park.

Inside Covers - Area Maps

Back inside cover - On the map of Disney California Adventure, the area marked as Carsland is actually Ariel's Undersea Adventure. The correct location for Carsland is approximately where the "Parking" area is between a bug's land and Pacific Wharf.

Unofficial Guide Color Companion to Walt Disney World - 2nd Edition

Part 1 - Practical Stuff

Page 27-29 - For the very latest ticket prices, check out Mousesavers.com. Premium Annual passes also include admission to ESPN Wide World of Sports, though we're not sure why anyone would want to go. For help picking out the best ticket options for your trip, use our free Ticket Calculator.

Page 36 - Walt Disney World now enforces the return time on FASTPASSes. You can no longer save up passes to use after the end of the return window.

Page 40 - Disney has introduced a new category of Fairytale Weddings, the Memories Collection. Pricing begins at $2450 and includes up to 6 guests including the bride and groom, but not the officiant.

Page 56 - Lockers at the Magic Kingdom are now located to the right of the tunnel going under the Main Street Railroad Station.

Part 3 - Walt Disney World with Kids

Page 100 - Magic Kingdom stroller rental is found under the Main Street, USA, Railroad Station. We include a review of local stroller rental companies on our blog.

Page 117 - Tusker House is character meal for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (when the park is open late enough for dinner).

Part 4 - Dining in Walt Disney World

Page 144-145 - Tusker House features character dining for all meals.

Page 144 - Trail's End is a la carte for lunch.

Part 5 - The Magic Kingdom

Page 153 - Storage lockers are found inside the turnstiles on the right just before going through the tunnel under the railroad station.

Page 167 - Cast Members no longer hide paint brushes on Tom Sawyer Island for guests to find and return for surprises.

Part 6 - Epcot

Page 239 - Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure will be rethemed as Disney's Phineas & Ferb: Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure.

Part 8 - Disney's Hollywood Studios

Page 302 - Young Jedis must preregister for Jedi Training Academy at Sounds Dangerous. If your child is very interested in participating in this experience, make a point of signing up as soon as the park opens. Volunteers are no longer taken from audience for this show.

Part 10 - Downtown Disney and Disney's Boardwalk

Page 338 - Harley-Davidson has moved from Pleasure Island to Downtown Disney West Side.