Arlington, Virginia Hotels

Sure, staying in Virginia is staying in a different state than you're visiting, but we recommend hotels in Arlington more than anywhere else. The reason is simple, the prices are lower because most people think of them as far away. The real secret? They're closer than some hotels in the city. If you stay near the Rosslyn Metro station (Blue, Orange, Silver) for instance, you are only 4 stops from the Mall (about 12 minutes)--closer than you would be in Northwest D.C.

One of the things that makes Arlington so useful is the Metro accessibility. The Blue, Orange, Silver, and Yellow lines all snake through this area. Northern Arlington (above the famed cemetery) is serviced by the aforementioned Rosslyn station and the Court House station (Orange, Silver). In the southern part you'll find the Ronald Reagan Airport, Crystal City, and Pentagon City stations (all Blue, Yellow). From both the Rosslyn and Pentagon City stations you're next stop is inside D.C.

Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City

An elegant, if a bit boring hotel that is basically right on top of the Pentagon City Metro station. It includes a pool, sauna, and steam facilities as well as all of the luxury you expect from the name. Possibly one of the most reasonably priced Ritz-Carltons we know of.

Room Rating: 86
Cost: $200+

Westin Crystal City

Like the Ritz-Carlton above, this is a well-known hotel brand at a lower-than-usual price. The rooms are simply furnished, but we appreciate the use of multiple textures, which give them a little style. The Westin is across the street from the Crystal City Metro.

Room Rating: 85
Cost: $130+

Le Meridien Arlington

The Le Meridien is on the upper floors of a tall building very near the Potomac River and it takes full advantage of that. The floor-to-ceiling windows are spectacular and many offer gorgeous views of the water and Georgetown beyond. The rest of the rooms are pretty well appointed as well including very nicely redesigned bathrooms. There is a small fitness center, but not much else in the way of amenities. The 1 1/2 block walk to the Rosslyn Metro just about makes up for it.

Room Rating: 85
Cost: $170+

Hyatt Centric Arlington

This Hyatt is what we refer to as business-chic. It's what hotels assume business-people think is stylish. Not that's it's bad, it's just a little too many earthtones for our tastes. That said, the hotel is clean and in a great location right next to the Rosslyn Metro. It also has a hotel bar, a mediterranean restaurant, and a killer price point.

Room Rating: 83
Cost: $110+

Holiday Inn Rosslyn Key Bridge

This is certainly not the nicest hotel we've reviewed, but on a value for money basis it might be the best. The Holiday Inn has basic rooms that are clean, but dated. Where it shines is in amenities which include an indoor pool, fitness center, coffee shop (not complimentary), and free parking, which is almost unheard of in D.C. It's also only about 2 blocks from the Rosslyn Metro and walking across the adjacent Key Bridge puts you right in Georgetown. If you like a little bit of space, the suites are usually only about $20-$40 more per night than a regular room. They don't sleep any more, but offer a living room and 2 balconies.

Room Rating: 74
Cost: $75+

Airbnb Properties

While we haven't stayed in all of them (yet), here are some of our favorite listings in Arlington. Both of these listings are only a few blocks from the Metro and both include parking--both things we like to see. We also generally only recommend listing where you get the entire apartment or house and that have air conditioning--unless you travel in the dead of winter, you might need it.

Please note that our description may not exactly match theirs. The hosts change them quite a lot.

2 Bedroom in Pentagon City High Rise

A beautiful, but sparsely decorated apartment. What makes it is having the second bedroom, being close to the Pentagon City Metro, and having views across the river toward the Mall.

1 Bedroom in Rosslyn

This apartment is in a great location near the Rosslyn Metro. There isn't a ton in there except basic furniture, but it's a great spot to stay if you're going to be out all day anyway.