Dupont Circle Hotels

Not to play favorites, but Dupont Circle is one of the best places in the city to stay. There are lots of restaurants, lots of shopping, and lots of nightlife, but it still feels homey and as down-to-earth as a neighborhood that features hundreds of foreign embassies can be. The hotels here can be on the expensive side, but many are excellent quality. Another bonus of the Dupont Circle area is that the Red line of the Metro runs right through it, with the Dupont Circle station likely being the closest for the below hotels.

The Jefferson

Okay, this hotel is not in Dupont Circle, but it's not far away, it's in an area we don't really have a designation for (it's kind of "Downtown/Mid-City"), and it's one of the best in D.C. The Jefferson is one of a few Washington hotels that we feel a little ridiculous staying in--like we can't touch anything in the room because it's all so nice (we don't even know what we'd do with the 24-hour butler service). The only downside is that it's not that close to the Metro (about 5 blocks to Farragut North on the Red line), but if you're staying here you probably aren't riding the subway that much. It is one of D.C.s true luxury establishments and it gets our highest room rating.

Room Rating: 92
Cost: $400+

Hotel Madera

A recent renovation and whimsical restaurant get the Madera on this list. This hotel goes out of its way to welcome kids with things like small bathrobes, hula hoops, and bicycles (yes, really). It's also only 2 blocks from the Dupont Circle Metro. If you have a large family, the Madera has a few rooms with 2 Queen beds and a set of bunk beds.

Room Rating: 85
Cost: $175+

Hotel Palomar

This hotel is quirky and it knows it. With animal print robes and velvet sofas we can't help but think they're forcing it a little. The outdoor pool and extremely friendly staff, however, keep us coming back. It's location 2 blocks from the Dupont Circle Metro make it easy to get there.

Room Rating: 84
Cost: $250+

Airbnb Properties

While we haven't stayed in all of them (yet), here are some of our favorite listings in the Dupont Circle area. Many are within an easy walk (<4 blocks) of a Metro station and most have parking included. Normally we insist on free parking, but that ruled out some great properties in this area, so we bent our rule a bit. We also generally only recommend listing where you get the entire apartment or house and that have air conditioning--unless you travel in the dead of winter, you might need it.

Please note that our description may not exactly match theirs. The hosts change them quite a lot.

3 Bedroom, Upper Floor Apartment Just off Dupont Circle

This large apartment can sleep 6 comfortably and has great views, including from the outdoor terrace. It comes with parking and is steps from the Metro. It's also only about $275 (not including taxes and fees), but watch out for that $150+ cleaning fee.

Small 2 Bedroom Close to Metro

The listing says it sleeps 7, but you get slightly diminishing returns for every person past 4. The location is fabulous, only a couple blocks from the Metro and surrounded by the best of Dupont Circle. The nightly cost is around $275 (not including taxes and fees), but it doesn't include parking and has a hefty $110 cleaning fee.

Studio 2 Blocks from Metro

This is one that is directly comparable to a hotel. It's a studio, but still has way more space than a hotel room plus a full kitchen. Parking is not included, but you are very close to Dupont Circle. At $115 (not including taxes and fees) it's likely cheaper than a hotel too.