Georgetown Hotels

Georgetown is a lovely, quiet, historic neighborhood that has some top tier restaurants, shopping, and hotels. It also has one downside: no Metro. If you plan on staying in Georgetown also plan on either driving, taking a bus, or taking a cab/Uber.

Ritz-Carlton Georgetown

Ritz-Carlton has converted an industrial building near Georgetown's waterfront into a hotel worthy of their name. The rooms are elegant, but not overwhelmingly so. It is an excellent hotel, but we'd prefer either The Jefferson or the St. Regis for the exaggerated luxury and better location to tourist sites.

Room Rating: 90
Cost: $475+

Four Seasons Hotel Washington

There isn't much to say. If you are familiar at all with Four Seasons hotels you already know what this is like: elegant, luxurious, and expensive. It also has an indoor pool, which is nice.

Room Rating: 90
Cost: $500+

The Graham Georgetown

The Graham is what you hope boutique hotels will be like when you make the reservation: friendly, clean, and comfortable. The rooms are plush, but contemporary and the basement bar and rooftop deck offer fun voyages outside of those rooms.

Room Rating: 85
Cost: $325+

The Georgetown Inn

The Georgetown Inn fashions itself after "European elegance" and mostly achieves that. It tends to float a little more into "stuffy" than we'd like, but the rooms are comfortable and the nearby fitness center is accessible to guests.

Room Rating: 84
Cost: $325+

Georgetown Suites

The Georgetown Suites are in a very charming area of Georgetown, very near the canal. It is a fairly simple hotel, but the all-suite rooms are very large and breakfast is included--a rarity in D.C. The rooms also have kitchens and the property has a fitness center. Don't confuse this property for the related Georgetown Suites Harbor a block away. That one is nice too, but not as nice.

Room Rating: 83
Cost: $175+

Airbnb Properties

While we haven't stayed in all of them (yet), here are some of our favorite listings in the Georgetown area. Normally we insist on easy Metro access and parking, but Metro access does not exist in Georgetown and parking is very hard to come by, so we had to drop those caveats. We also generally only recommend listing where you get the entire apartment or house and that have air conditioning--unless you travel in the dead of winter, you might need it.

Please note that our description may not exactly match theirs. The hosts change them quite a lot.

2 Bedroom Carriage House

Right in the middle of the action in Georgetown, this carriage house is just about as charming as it gets. It's a very odd house, but that's part of the fun of Airbnb over traditional hotels. It is a little expensive at $300 (not including taxes and fees), but that's Georgetown for you.

3 Bedroom Row House

This is the most Georgetown house you can possibly stay in. Walking around the neighborhood you see tons of adorably historic row houses just like this. The fact that it has real, high-quality furniture and 3 bedrooms makes this one of the best values in D.C. It's only $300 per night (not including taxes and fees), but it has some hefty cleaning and service fees.

Last updated by Brian McNichols on January 31, 2017