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American Idol Experience to Close at the End of August

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American Idol Experience

A few months ago, we learned that after five years, the American Idol Experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios would be closing. The original indication was the attraction would have its final performances in January. That is not the case. It has been announced that the last shows will take place on Saturday, August 30, 2014.

The attraction, which is based on the real life hit Fox television show, has guests performing in front of a live audience. The audience then, much like on the show, votes on which performer was the best in their eyes. During the final performance of the evening, the winners from every prior show that day come back and perform in the finale. The finale winner receives a Golden Ticket, allowing special front-of-the-line access at any American Idol audition (if their age fell within the television show’s age restriction.)

Guests who have previously received a Dream Ticket will still have the ability to use those, as long as the American Idol TV show is still being produced and auditions are taking place.

The American Idol Experience debuted in 2009, and many of the performers on the American Idol TV show have actually previously auditioned and performed first on The American Idol Experience stage.

Disney has not announced its plans for the theater.

For those of you who will be down in Walt Disney World and who love this attraction, make sure you make a visit before the end of the month.

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13 thoughts on “American Idol Experience to Close at the End of August

  • Engineer_Dawg

    Hooray, time to put something in there worth seeing! American Idol was only cool about 15+ years ago.

  • Mallie

    While I’ll be excited to see what replaces the American Idol Experience, the show was home to one of my favorite Disney cast members, Jimmy B. He’s hilarious, and I’m disappointed I won’t get to hear his “Hey Boo Boo!” during my trips. Hope he stays in the parks somehow!

    • I agree Mallie. The judges were my favorite…and I too have a favorite Cast Member that worked there. I hope all of them get to stay in some capacity.

  • I’m sad this will be closing before I get to visit again. The AI Experience has a special place in my heart. I was picked to sing onstage during my very first trip to WDW in 2009. It was an amazing experience and really changed my life. It’s time has come, but I will be sad to see it go. :*(

  • It’s interesting that it’s closing so soon. I wonder if Disney is accelerating some plans for the park and decided not to wait.

  • Leslie

    I wondered if this was seeing even lower crowds with all the Frozen stuff happening. I’m guessing so and that they decided to give up the ghost early when they decided to extend the Frozen festivities.

  • Actually kind of bummed about this. I don’t mind the show as a random middle of the day diversion and my fiance is a huge AI fan still. I was hoping she would get to see it on our honeymoon trip in December. Oh well. More rides on Star Tours for us, haha.

  • Surely the venue will be handed over to the Frozen show(s) that are proving so popular.

  • My Gang is in Hollywood Studios on the 31st….Indiana Jones one last time……I think Star Wars “area” will be in full tilt by 2016…just a feeling.

  • DisneyDad

    I never saw the point of Disney celebrating of FOX Network TV show.
    And a bad one at that.

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